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Royal Reels SlotSlot machines are becoming part of the monarchy. At least that is the mindset involved with Royal Reels. This particular game takes advantage of the fascination with royalty and puts it right in front of prospective slot machine enthusiasts. The game features a number of jewel themed hits with fast paced action sure to liven up any game of chance experience.

Royal Reels is a five reel slot machine with thirty different paylines. Of course, the machine capitalizes on the latest craze in slot machines by offering up a simple touch bonus game. The chance to be king or queen for a spin is pretty much the goal of the player, as the jackpots can be pretty impressive.

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The game features a number of betting options and per line selections that are clearly indicated at the bottom of the play area. Since Royal Reels is a themed game, players will be seeing a lot of jewels and crowns associated with royalty. The diamond symbol represents a wild spot and will match any of the other icons on a given payline. The diamond also serves as the jackpot icon, and when players match five diamonds the jackpot is paid out.

Of course, one of the two bonus games is triggered by getting at least two jewels in a row. While the bonus is a simple type of touch game played right on the reels, it offers another layer of play that helps keeps players interested. When players get three crowns the special bonus game is triggered taking the player to a different board for a different type of pick them game.


The graphics and sound involved in Royal Reels is splendid. The music is themed perfectly and the sound effects are timed perfectly and produced just as well. The images are crisp and easy to differentiate from one another thanks to striking colors on a well-conceived palette. The play area is well designated and all the necessary information is presented in a clear cut easy to find manner. All too often slot machines try to use all the available space with bells and whistles, but Royal Reels uses enough white and black space to separate everything nicely.

The play area is easy to read as well, which is very important on a five reel machine with thirty paylines. There is always a chance of a cluttered screen when that many icons are displayed at once. However, because of the intricate use of space, Royal Reels manages to keep players aware of the lines being played without throwing too much information in one direction. The machine was clearly designed to be user friendly, and that goes a long way.

The Bad

While the presence of two bonus games is a nice feature, the simple nature of the games does not necessarily provide a serious entertainment value. It is always nice to win large prizes, but a different type of dynamic or interface used for the second game would have made things knit together a bit better. That second or third level of interactivity is what sets slot machines apart, and while Royal Reels makes a nice effort, the similar games do not necessarily amp up the entertainment.

In addition, the lack of a progressive jackpot is a bit disappointing. However, the real missing link in this game is some sort of free spin prize. Fortunately those two missing features can be overlooked by most players, thanks to the clean and friendly interface and play area. All things considered, this machine brings a nice presence to the table and has a high replay value.

The Verdict

Royal Reels has a distinct feel to it, which is important for a machine to differentiate itself from the pack. Because it sticks out, players will find themselves immersed in the world created by the crowns, jewels, and diamonds. Fun to play with a high replay value, this is a slot machine that could find a way onto the playlist of beginners and veteran players.

The royalty theme is something that is not overdone in the slot machine world. Therefore, the different approach gives it a nice feel, and the clever audio and visual effects really bring the experience home. In short, Royal Reels is a well put together slot that has some nice jackpots and some really great bonus prizes.