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Rumors of Federal United States Online Casinos Ban
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The world of online casinos in the United States has never been more complicated. There are three states where online casinos are legal (Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada), while a few others are attempting to push through legislation in 2015. However, there is strong opposition to this legalization of online casinos from powerful lobbyists.

No one knows the future of online casinos in the United States. It is possible that by 2016 most states will have legalized online gambling. However, it is just as likely that lobbyists will get their way and a federal ban will come into effect.

Rumors of a New Bill

There are rumors that an improved version of the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act” bill will be coming to the United States congress in the next few months. This bill was first introduced by Sheldon Adelson, a powerful lobbyist who does not want online gambling to be legal. He is worried that online gambling will cut into casino profits, which will cause problems for the current gambling hierarchy.

It is possible that this bill will be at such an advanced state that congressmen will vote on it in November. Serious voting does not commonly take place towards the end of a year, with most referring to the November session of congress as a lame duck period. However, lobby pressure could result in a hurried vote on this bill.

Will Online Casinos Be Banned

A popular online gambling correspondent, Chris Grove, has reportedly stated that voting will take place on this bill in November. The bill will completely ban online casinos and online sports betting from taking place in any United States city. The only exemption to this bill would be for online poker, which would be legalized on a state by state basis/

Other writers have also confirmed this rumor. The editor of, Victor Rocha, tweeted that he was aware of this alleged November vote. He said that should everything go according to plan, online casinos would be banned in the United States.

Other Rumors

There was a story in Politico that referred to a potential deal between Sheldon Adelson and a prominent member of the United States Senate. This alleged arrangement would ensure that Mr. Adelson abstained from sponsoring anyone in the upcoming Senate races. In return, the Senate Majority Leader would push for a vote on an amended anti-online gambling bill.

The future of online gambling in the United States is as precarious as it has ever been. If this potential bill passes through the House of Representatives and the Senate, it is unlikely that online gambling would ever be legal in the United States.

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