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Safari Sam Slot – Betsoft
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Safari Sam SlotSafari Sam is an online slot game that features an exciting safari adventure theme and fun cartoon graphics. The background of the game features trees and tall grasses that reflect the safari theme. The feature character, Safari Sam, is a hunter who is dressed for the African safari from head to toe. He watches over the reels and claps and cheers when spins result in winnings. A big win will even cause Safari Sam to jump for joy. Throughout the game, Sam is teased by a seductive safari temptress who pokes his shoulder and runs away to hide or dangles from a vine to tease Sam. The reels also feature the safari motif, as the game’s icons are lions, huts, gorillas, monkeys and zebras. Safari characters are also featured on the reels. Aside from the engaging graphics, the game also offers many chances to accumulate winnings. Safari music plays in the background throughout the game and can be turned off if desired.

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When a winning combination is achieved, the matching symbols will collapse and be replaced by new icons. These icons may result in an additional winning combination. This means that it is possible to win more than once with just one spin while playing Safari Sam. Coin options range from $0.02 to $1.00, and the game features five reels. There are a total of thirty lines. The minimum winning combination consists of three matching symbols, and a multiplier option offers a chance to increase winnings dramatically. Payout amounts vary based on which matching symbols appear and how large a combination of symbols is. Randomly throughout the game, wild symbols will appear and offer the chance for winnings to be multiplied. The multiplier factor can increase the winnings by a factor of two or all the way up to ten. Scattered wins also occur and increase the payout amounts.

In addition to random wild icons, animal icons can also become wild and provide bonus options. The game features a chance for free spins in which an animal can be chosen to serve as a wild card and increase winnings. If a spin on pay line 1 results in the zebra, monkey and gorilla in any combination consecutively, then one of the animals can be chosen to be a wild icon. Free spins with double winnings are awarded.

Another opportunity for big wins comes from the bonus round. Players can gain access to the bonus round by receiving three icons that show Sam looking through binoculars in a line. A map appears and players can choose the travel destinations. Searching for safari animals with Sam leads to sightseeing adventures that result in bonuses. Players are then returned to the reels when the adventure ends.

One of the best features of the game is the double-up feature, which is a quick way to potentially double winnings. After a win of any size, an option is available to double-up. When this option is selected, Safari Sam appears onscreen to perform a coin toss. A bet can be placed on whether the result of the toss will be heads or tails. Winning the bet doubles the win from the previous spin, but losing the bet results in losing the last spin’s winnings. Regardless of the outcome of the toss, the game then displays the reels so that the next spin can be completed.

Safari Sam is a game that is able to be easily navigated. Lily pads at the bottom of the screen offer options to declare bets, decide on the number of pay lines and choose maximum bet amounts. The option to try to double winnings through the coin toss is also shown on one of the lily pads.

While the graphics are attractive, the best feature of the game is definitely the number of ways to win. The variety of ways to obtain winnings makes winning large amounts incredibly easy. Since one spin can result in multiple wins, the collapsing of icons may be one of the biggest advantages of Safari Sam. The game’s menu offers a detailed explanation of all possible payouts and bonuses so it is easy to understand what symbols are needed to achieve maximum wins or gain access to multipliers and bonus rounds. With collapsing icons, wild symbols, multipliers and bonus rounds, the number of ways to win is truly wild.