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Santastic! Slot – RTG
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Santastic! SlotFor those who are into the holiday spirit or just want to have some holiday fun throughout the year, Santastic! is a slot machine for you. This particular slot machine is geared towards the Christmas season with lots of amazing and cartoon images of Santa himself, reindeer and all things related to the holiday. For those who are interested in playing Santastic!, there are many play options and features you’ll find to be quite interesting. It’s definitely a slot machine worth taking a second look at for yourself if you love these types of games and want to play something with a bit of a seasonal twist to it.

What Exactly is Santastic!?

As stated before, Santastic! is a holiday-themed slot machine you can play from a computer, smartphone or tablet device. The game itself has a lot of features to it, but the main theme of it surrounds Christmas. You will get to enter into bonus rounds, get scatter wins and even win wild cards when playing the slot machine. What sets Santastic! apart from other slot machines out there is that it does have that holiday twist that many other slot machines just don’t have. A lot of people who love slots tend to play this game around the holiday season, but you can basically play Santastic! all throughout the year. Don’t let the theme of the slot machine deter you from playing the game in the middle of summer.

Again and as with most other slot machines you’d find, Santastic! has five slots that will spin each time you take a turn to win credits. You are then able to decide how many lines to play with the slot. If you play fewer lines, you are betting less money and will then win less money. Playing fewer lines is ideal for those who are either new to the game itself or for those who may not have a lot of credits to play in the first place. If you play more lines while using Santastic!, you will get a chance to win more credits that can be transferred to your account with the casino of your choosing.

Graphics and Game Play

The graphics used to create Santastic! are very bright, colorful and cheerful. The entire game has a very Christmas-feel to it with bright snow and pine trees in the background and very bright images used with the slots themselves. The music on the slot machine is also very bright and fun, going with the overall Christmas theme of the game. Lots of people will find that this game is a hot pick during Christmas and the holidays, but it is also available to play throughout the year.

Even though the graphics are quite bright, the board itself and the slots are very easy to see and figure out. You won’t get confused playing the game just because bright colors were used in its graphics. Because Santastic! offers a lot of ways for you to win extra credits, you’ll find that you can play several lines at a time because of the amount of times you’re winning. You can then enter into some bonus rounds in an attempt to win even more while playing the game. Santastic! is a great holiday game that you will find to brighten your day during the drearier time of the year. The creators of Santastic! have put a lot of their time and energy into actually creating the game, so you know you’re getting something that offers in terms of game play and the way that you can then win.

Playing Santastic! is a lot of fun with its bright and colorful graphics, holiday theme and immense ways to win while playing. You can choose many ways to play the game depending on how many credits you’d like to put towards it. Santastic! is one of the most popular slot machines during the holiday season, so it is definitely worth a second glance if you’re trying to find a brand new game that you might be interested in for yourself. This will encourage you to have a game that offers multiple ways to win without it being boring at all or having a generalized theme to it.