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Scary Rich 2Do you want to be rich? That’s a pretty easy question to answer. Who wouldn’t want to be rich? And what better way to become rich than to have a blast playing the slots. But a larger question is whether one desires to become scary rich. That’s the theme of one of the more popular new slot games, Scary Rich 2. It’s a chance to scare yourself into fame and fortune. At least if you have the luck and bravery to reach your goals. If you’re up to the challenge, than Scary Rich 2 offers a fun and inventive take on slot games.

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The game’s biggest selling point is the visuals. It takes a general theme from Scary Rich. However, this is also the point of divergence. While the general theme is similar, the implementation has changed quite a bit between Scary Rich and Scary Rich 2. In particular, the biggest difference is that the game has taken a direction into photo realism. While it’s not explicitly horror related, the game’s images are still quite a bit more spooky than what was found in Scary Rich 1.

There’s a bit of good and bad to this, depending on one’s taste. For the easily spooked, this might make the game a bit too much. It’s nothing too over the top. But it borders a bit on what one might find on the edge of PG-13. The actual icons contain cofins, knives, vampires, zombies and haunted dolls. But what really sets the spook factor to another level is the animation. One might see streaks of blood or dramatically opening coffins as the game progresses. For someone with a low tolerance for horror, this can be a bit too much.

On the other hand, a lot of people love horror. The thrill of a scare, the slight hint of animated blood, and the mystery of the supernatural are a thrill ride for this type of player. And in general this is the target audience for Scary Rich 2. The game recognizes that there’s a lot of standard slot games out there. So they designers decided to target a fanbase which doesn’t have a lot of representation in the slot gaming sphere. As such, they’ve really managed to create something unique. It’s a style and a look which can really match the thrill of gaming for a certain type of player. For fans of both horror and gambling, there’s few things like matching up the thrill of a win with the theme of horror movies. Of course this brings up the other aspect of the name. Scary Rich 2 might hit the label of scary, but will it help someone become rich?

The answer there usually comes down to bonus features. And Scary Rich 2 has enough to make any thrill seeker more than happy. The biggest comes in the form of coffins. The coffins offer a number of advantages for the player, and offer some of the most entertaining and rewarding animations.

At a basic level, the coffins act as a wild symbol. These can substitute for other winning icons on a spin. If a spin hits two of the coffins, than one will receive a 3x modifier to the win. Three coffins will boost that twice over, for a 6x value. And four coffins are the dream of any player. That will boost the winnings to a spooky 13x value. Thirteen might not be a lucky number in most places, but it certainly is in Scary Rich 2!

Lastly, the werewolf icons can trigger a bonus spin. Three werewolf symbols will reward the player with bonus spins. However, the best win will come from a combination of both of these factors. Combining coffins with a bonus spin will trigger a full reel as a wild icon. This can lead to amazing wins, and all within the context of a free spin.

In general, all of this adds up to a very solid slot game. Anyone who loves both horror and big winnings would do well to give Scary Rich 2 a chance.