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Scary RichWith the enormous amount of slot games that are available online, it seems painfully impossible to find one that isn’t boring, or the theme hasn’t been recreated a hundred times over.

Play Free Scary Rich – 20 Paylines

It’s a typical Friday night, and you’re not exactly in the mood to go out on the town and party, so your options are fairly the same, as they always are. You could rent a movie that you end up falling asleep during; you could watch something on TV that’s been played over and over again about seven hundred times, or you could surf the web until you finally lose it from boredom and decide just to go to sleep. But before you do that, don’t forget to weigh all your options.

The theme for the Scary Rich Slot machine games (there is more than one) is fairly simple.

Basically, you’re constantly stuck in Halloween. Halloween is every day in the Scary Rich slot word, and you need to prepare yourself before entering just how well you can handle all the ghouls and goblins. The game begins when three young adults are trying to moronically spend a night in the Baron Bluhdsteyn’s mansion, which is rumored to be haunted. It has monsters lurking in every corner, just waiting for another victim. Your goal as the player is to lead them to safety, and to get them out of the house alive. You must make it overnight until they can escape when dawn breaks. Think you can handle it?

While this isn’t the most original slot machine theme, it’s also not the worst, either. Just because it’s not as intricate and intense (plot wise) as other games doesn’t mean that it’s not completely horrible, or not worth playing.

Scary Rich Features

Scary rich is a 5 reel and 50 pay line slot machine game. The most common symbols that you’ll see in the game are ghosts, Baron Bluhdsteyn himself, helmets, keys, skulls and lanterns. Keep in mind that the main goal of the game is to get three of these symbols to match on the pay line. Keep this in mind throughout the overall game play, as it’s rather easy to get caught up in the rest of all that’s going on around you. Don’t miss out on your golden opportunity to escape the house!
Betting Range

There are only four coins that can be played during Scary Rich—0.02, 0.05, 0.10 and 0.25. The amount you can bet is up to 500 coins, and then it’s maxed out. This is perfect for you high rollers that like to go big, but it allows the people who’d rather play it safer to have a comfortable bet as well. It’s a happy medium for all.
Bonus Rounds and More!

When playing Scary Rich, you have the opportunity to get up to 666 free spins (no coincidence there). When you see the werewolf symbols appear, take note that these are the wilds. Every time more than one appears, their respective payout is doubled. If you see the knife appear, this is one you want to remember – five of these symbols and you’ve got yourself earning 25,000 coins, which is the biggest jackpot the game has.
If you see three Baron Symbols in a row, you will get six free spins. If you see four, you’ll get 66 free spins, five, and you’ll get 666 free spins. The pattern is easy to remember, and the more you see landing in a row, the more free spins you get!

Last Words

Overall, the game was a joy to play, despite the fact the theme has been dulled down a bit, and the graphics aren’t top-notch. It’s still a fun and exciting game, which can be hard to do if your slot game falls under the genre category. They can get cheesy and a bit campy, but Scary Rich helps stray away from that. The amount of free spins and the price of the jackpot is amazing, and a great incentive to help the player know their end goal, to get the people out alive. It’s a great way to pass time, and a great download.