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Shaaark! SlotShaaark! Super Bet Slots is a online slot machine game created by Vegas Technologies (the same creator of such popular games as Naughty Ninja and King Tiger slots). The game’s house edge is 4.63 % with the super bet feature engaged, without the super bet feature the game’s house edge is 6.51 %. The game’s wild symbol and making a win with said symbol will double all winning payments! As previously mentioned there are two primary betting modes to this game, normal betting mode, which will accept your bets as any other online slot game and pay out (or not pay out) accordingly, and the Super Bet mode. Super Bet mode can only be initiated by increasing your bet by five times it’s original value per pay line. However, after doing so the Super Bet mode will be activated, meaning that all of your spins thereafter will have a far more likely chance for the shark (wild symbol) to show up. So the player is basically trading off five times payout for a much higher chance of winning ever single spin and if you bet low then five times a very low amount (like a couple of cents) is not much to worry about. This means that there is major potential for big payouts with relatively little money put into the initial bet per pay line!

This feature makes the game both fun and good for beginners, those players whom are either entirely new or are returning from a experienced background. Such players will most likely not have a solid and reliable betting strategy and also will probably not have a lot of money to spend on a online slot machine game. Thus this means that the game is good for both slot players new and experienced.

There is also another bonus feature, the only other one the game offers, which is called the Fin Bonus Round. This bonus round can only be activated by paring up three of the fin shark symbols (this game’s scatter symbol) any place on the reels. This is a exception to the normal rule in most online slot games where matches can only be made if all of the matching symbols are lined up and touching, with no additional adjacent pieces interfering or in the way of said lineup. Meaning of course that it does not matter where on the reels the three fin scatter symbols are, all that matters is that they are on the reels to begin with. After you have gotten three on your active reels the bonus round will be initiated and it will instantly be awarded with ten totally free spin rounds! The ten spin rounds also come with a multiplier of two, meaning that all of your winnings during this bonus session will be doubled. The shark symbol will also show up more frequently, more specifically, at the end of each of the bonus spins, thus always turning up in place of one of the other symbols meaning of course that during the bonus round you will always have a increased chance of winning!

Shaaark! Super Bet’s coin sizes range from a single cent per coin all the way to ten dollars per coin. The max number of pay lines upon which the player can place his or her bets is twenty five, thus, if you played for max coin size and placed max bets on as many pay lines as possible the highest bet a player could conceivably wager in the game you could be looking at seriously major pay outs (if you win of course). Though the minimum coin size is only one cent the minimum bet a player may place is limited to at least twenty five cents, which still is nothing too demanding, especially if you are only looking at playing for a handful of rounds. The maximum bet a player is able to wager is capped off at two hundred and fifty dollars. All symbols align left to right and create the pay outs in that exact or with the sole exception of the scatter symbol (the fin) as previously mentioned. The Great White Shark is the highest paying symbol in the game and when you have five of these symbols aligned during a spin you will receive a massive payout of four thousand coins. During the free games bonus round this four thousand coin payout from five matching Great White Shark symbols will be doubled, meaning you will garner a phenomenal pay out of eight thousand coins!