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Slots Angels Slot – Betsoft
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Slots Angels SlotThe slots angels game is created with the motorcycle enthusiasts in mind. This is the kind of game that is created specifically for those who love bikes. It is incredible to see that there is a game made for a community like this. It means that the biker community is one group that the casinos want to go after as much as some other groups.

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All of the elements of being in a biker gang are part of this game. There are bikes, biker guys and girls, dive bar themes, and more contained within this one slot game. It is something that has been carefully crafted to make sure that all of the appropriate themes are made a part of this game. No one would bother to play a slot game that did not provide all of these elements in it. The maker of this slot game made sure that they did not hold back anything in the creation of a theme that was as authentic as they could possibly make it.

There are five reels in this game and an amazing 30 paylines. It is enough to keep the attention of most players for a long time. The game offers players the chance to play for a variety of different amounts of money. Some may make the choice to play for low stakes on this game, and that is perfectly acceptable. However, there are some who feel the need to up the stakes a bit, and they can do this as well. Whatever the denomination of the bet that they are making, they can bet up to 5 coins a spin on it. In other words, if they are playing for a $1 on the denomination, then they can play for up to $5 per spin if that is what they decide to do. However, they can even apply that spin amount to every payline, so realistically they could play for up to $150 every time the button is pushed.

This game does have plenty of special features for players to enjoy. These features have the players in mind. They were created to add a little excitement for the players who are lucky enough to get their shot at playing them. The special features include things like a dartboard game. Those who are lucky enough to hit three dartboards on their spin will be brought into the dartboard game. This game will ask the player to choose from some dartboards in order to win the prize that they will collect on their bonus. It is not something that is incredibly creative, but it does have enough flair to it to make a lot of people happy.

Bottle symbols are also at a high premium for players of this game. They will help people come up with some free spins on their games. They will see more free spins with the more bottle symbols that are hit, so these are obviously of very high value. The players want to see them land on their spins because they know just how much they can translate to in the winnings. No one wants to be the person who misses out on having some winnings from their play, so keep an eye out for these symbols as they will pay off handsomely for those who get them.

This theme is inviting a lot of players to come in and join the fun. Slot machine makers know that if they do not design something that players want to look at while they are playing, then they are up the creek without a paddle. There is simply nothing that will draw a player in better than a great theme and exciting bonus features. When those are the kind of things that are added to the game, then players are going to flock to a game.

The Slot Angels game is one that provides some nice jackpots to players who can line up the right symbols. They offer up to a 1,500 coin payout based on whatever amount the player was playing for. Those who pay more on each spin are going to see a nicer jackpot if they get lucky and hit it. Everyone should keep their eye out for the jackpot on this game and for this game in general. It is being added to more places as it continues to gain in popularity. The biker fan in the family is sure to want to give this one a couple of spins the next time they see it.