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So 80'sSo 80’s video slots is sure to be an instant favorite of anybody who loves the 80’s and winning big money. This video slots game takes players back to the 1980’s with some of the biggest, most classic symbols of the era. Mullet men, legwarmers, beat boxes, and break dancing are just a few of the custom symbols featured in the game. With amazingly bright and colorful graphics, So 80’s video slots will keep players hooked for hours on end.

Play Free So 80’s – 15 Paylines

Basic Symbols

The So 80’s video slots is well designed with a variety of easily distinguishable symbols. The game features regular playing card symbols along with their very own special So 80’s themed symbols. Each symbol is distinctly different from all of the other symbols featured in the game, meaning less confusion for players. With the distinct symbols and buttery smooth graphics, players get to enjoy a fluid, polished, So 80’s slot experience.

Special Symbols

So 80’s is a 5-reel, 15-payline video slots game that has a coin range of 1 to 5 coins for each payline, with the ability to win a 5,000 coin jackpot in normal play! To hit the 5,000 jackpot players will need to get an Atari game symbol, also known as the “wild” symbol of the game. The Atari game symbol substitutes for any other game symbol, except for the scatter symbol, on active paylines. So, to put it simply, it will create a winning payline. To make it even better, any wild wins are tripled! For five wilds on a reel, players get the highest payout of a whooping 5,000 coins.

Moving on to the scatter symbol that was mentioned earlier. The scatter symbol is represented by the break dancer symbol. When a player gets a So 80’s scatter they will need 3 or more to get 15 free spins. The 15 free spins will be for the same value per spin as they player’s original bet on the spin. If the player wins on a free spin, the payout is automatically tripled from the what is listed as the original payout on the paytable. More free spins can be triggered at that time. Any scatter wins can be calculated quickly and easily by multiplying the combination of the symbols payout by the player’s original betting amount on that payline.


It was mentioned earlier that So 80’s video slots has an extremely smooth video graphics system. So 80’s is glitch free, and the loading screens never leave players waiting for long. Players can expect a truly 80’s style experience with bright colors, a super fun intro, and all of the best symbols from the 80’s. The Rival Gaming software provides players with a truly seamless video slots experience.

More Bang For Your Buck

Players will also enjoy the 80’s era prices on the game as well. Betting just a little and getting the opportunity to win a lot! Players can spin the wheel for as little as one, single dollar, or for as much as 18 dollars and 75 cents, giving this video slot game a great value. The potential for triple prize earnings really adds to this game’s “more bang for your buck,” mentality. Just like the 80’s, when you got more for your money.

Overall, between the easily distinguished symbols, flowing graphics, and potential for big prizes, this is a great video slot machine for anybody who loves the 80’s or anybody who wants to play a video slots game with good value. Players will especially the blast from the past they get with the true 1980’s experience this video slot machine provides. There are truly no complaints to be made on So 80’s video slots.