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Spy GameThis game is off the chain. The graphics are like anima. The premise is you are a super spy with the super spy agency and you complete missions for them. The game opens with a man carrying a briefcase, pictures of red tipped missiles and a skyscraper. There is a speech bubble near the man that says it is going to be explosive tonight. Like I said at the beginning of this paragraph this game is off the chain. The music is just right with all the elements you expect with a spy game. After I look at the pay table on the top left side, the big wins are with 5 brunettes for 800 credits and 5 James Bond for 400. There is a game map on the top right hand side but it really doesn’t serve a real purpose.

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Even though you are only pushing the spin button when you win the game moves through a real plot. Three cameras in a reel and you win with a window opening up as the camera slips inside an airplane hangar and takes pictures of missiles and weapons. Love it. The characters are a James Bond looking cat wearing a black tux and a brunette wearing a red bikini top. Then there are icons of a camera, aluminum briefcase, a missile with an orange tip and nuclear symbol painted on it, grey Maserati and a martini glass with an olive inside. I don’t know if it’s shaken or stirred but I like the complete setting of this game. It’s got me asking a question like that. And now that I think about it if this is James Bond then the car is an Ashton Martin. Love it. When you win the lines show the winning icons in a red rifle sight. A gun that looks like a mini glock hits the first reel and you hear the sound of a bullet going by. Love it.

Then halfway through the game I got 4 martinis in a row and a window opens with a shaker. So the martinis are shaking not stir. This is very James Bondish. Love it. I got 4 briefcases in a row and a window opened up with a briefcase. When the briefcase opened up there was a bundle of dynamite. I finally got 4 in a row of the brunette wearing the red bikini top and the window opens with her holding the gun in the desert and the Maserati or Ashton Martin behind her with the engine roaring. Love it. I got five Maseratis or Ashton Martins in a row and when the window opens its rolling and the hood opens to slits with machine guns in them. The guns lift up and start blazing. Love it.

I started hitting the max button to see how big I could win. I got the 3 guns in a row and a window opened to 10 bonus spins. I won around 35 credits. But the best part was that I found 2 of the 3 bomb parts. Love it. As you play the game you start to see the plot play out. Like 3 martini glasses and you get the shaker, then there’s the camera get 3 and you take pictures. As the reels spin if you get a gun you hear a bullet whooshing by. It’s like you are on the mission drinking a lot of martinis, taking pictures and getting shot at. Love it. When I got 5 of the James Bond dude the window opens with him and his gun. He winks and it closes. Love it.

This does not really feel like slots but more like a real video or computer game. My dad retired ten years ago and I know this would be a change from the slots he is playing now. I will be playing this game on a regular. I will also let my friends and family know. They are always looking for something different to play. Love it.