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Sumo SlotWelcome to the world of Sumo wrestling. The Sumo Slot machine game is made entirely based on the sport of Sumo wrestling, and many of the symbols that you will see in the game, are somehow related to the sport as well. When you first look at the screen, you see a screen that’s purple in color on the outside, and it’s adorned with what looks like flowers, encased in a circle; all around the screen. Although the display of the outside of the game is not very vibrant, it’s the actual game that matters.

The symbols in the Sumo slot game are letters, numbers, a Sumo wrestler, what appears to be a geisha, a trophy, a flower shape, and different Sumo wrestlers. There are also other symbols that are in the game, but you can tell by what you see on the screen, that they are somehow related to the sport of Sumo wrestling. The music that you hear in the background is not at all something that would draw you into the game. In fact, if you can do without the sound, it may be recommended to mute the sound, or turn it all the way down.

Every time the reel spins, you hear what sounds like the drums that were used in an 80s karate movie, when the kid had to fight the bad guy while he was in Japan. No other way to really describe the sound, but somewhat annoying, and very hard on the ears. If you can ignore the drum sounds, then you’ll want to hear music if you get a good winning combination, but even the music is annoying too. It’s always nice to hear when you’ve won something, as it draws you into the game some more, but for this game, none of the sounds are something that you will really want to listen to while playing.

If you can move past the bad sounds in the game, you can still move on to win some money. Sound aside, this game is a fun one. This game has five reels, and 25 pay lines, which offers you different ways and amounts to win. The maximum amount of coins you can play is 25, and the bet starts as low as one cent. You can choose the amount you want to bet, and the amount of lines you want to play. Just remember, the more you bet, the more you can win, but the more you lose, if you bet a lot of money.

The maximum win for the jackpot is $25,000, which is still more than enough to entice anyone to play the game. You can win the maximum jackpot if you get the maximum payout per pay line, which would then equal up to the $25,000. If you’re not looking to win big, but you want to play, adjust your bet accordingly, so you can play for a longer period of time. Once you have a pay line that’s active, all you have to do is get five Sumo wrestlers, in order to win the jackpot.

One of the great things about this game is the potential payout amount. If you decide to bet as little as one cent, you can possibly win up to $50 with the minimum bet. To be able to win $50 from such a small bet, is more than enough reason to play this game. This game has wilds and scatters, but unfortunately, no multipliers. Even without the multipliers, you can end up winning some big money in this game. The Sumo wrestler is the wild symbol, and he can substitute for any symbol, except for scatters.

The scatter symbol is the trophy, and it’s also the bonus symbol as well. If you get at least two of these symbols, they can give you a winning combination for payout. If you’re looking to truly win in this game, especially if you don’t have high-stakes bets, then look for the scatter symbols. The scatter symbols can actually help you to win, even without a winning combination, as long as you have at least two of the symbols. If you want to get to the bonus game, then try to get at least three scatter symbols when you play.

The three scatter symbols will trigger a bonus game, which will take you to a screen that has several different trophies on it. There are nine trophies on the screen, and you must select each of them, which will then reveal what your prizes will be. Although you’re technically winning each time you pick a trophy symbol, it may be a very small amount that you win, or you might get lucky and win a bigger amount. Overall, the Sumo slot game is a good one, especially with the scatter symbol payout possibilities.