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Sunken Treasure SlotIs anything more fun that diving under the ocean in search of treasure? The Sunken Treasure Slot machine capitalizes on the appeal of the joy of the pirate inside everybody by offering a fun and inspired experience that will have novice and veteran slots players searching for the massive amounts of cash hidden around the ocean floor.

Sunken Treasure slots is a five reel slot machine that offers up twenty different paylines. However, the wild symbols, which are divers, and the scatter symbols, which are sunken ships, are the two aspects that really take this game to next level. The wild matches any symbol with the exception of the scatter, and the scatter symbols open the player to the all-important bonus games where the action can really start to heat up.


As is typical with slot machines these days, Sunken Treasure allows players a variety of betting options. With total best with max lines ranging from twenty cents to one hundred dollars, the possibility to build the balance without laying too much on the line is a nice feature. Of course, as the large the bet the bigger the payback. Matching three or more symbols triggers a payout, and the wild symbols pop up often enough to keep interest alive. Three or more scatter symbols a fun bonus game.

The bonus game involves players picking treasure chests. The chests contain multipliers, bonus spins, or flat out cash wins. However, the bonus game is tiered allowing players to uncover blue or red gems as well. Either gem takes players to another chest picking adventure. The blue rewards players with up to one hundred times the bet, and the red gems can earn wins up to five hundred times the bet. The gems really are buried treasure because winnings can pile up quickly.


Sunken Treasure stands apart from other ocean themed buried treasure games. The sound of the game is tuned to perfection. Instead of building in background noise to keep the attention of users, the game utilizes clever and appropriate sound effects to enhance the reels and the symbols revealed. From a video perspective, the machine includes some clever animations that really compliment the symbols. Keeping things simple yet attractive, this slot machine gets users into the treasure hunting mood by providing a well thought out and immersive player interface.

The action on the screen is also well designed. The five reels are large and easy to read, wins are clearly designated, and the necessary information is displayed without appearing cluttered. The result is an easy to play machine that offers up several a clean and concise play area that is simple to navigate. Beginners and experienced players will enjoy the ease of which bets can be changed, seeing the wins, and the clever effects with the wild or scatter symbols.

Overall Experience

From an overall experience point of view, Sunken Treasure makes everyone a treasure hunter. The actual feeling of exploring the bottom of the ocean in search of some cold hard cash is portrayed in a colorful way that translates well throughout the game. By offering up an extremely fun bonus game with the possibility of several layers, the slot machine keeps the attention of players for long periods of time.

It is difficult for any game to stay fresh session after session, but Sunken Treasure manages to keep players coming back with great payouts and clever gameplay. The bonus games seem to hit often enough to fun to play, but not too often to make them a forgone conclusion. In addition, the wins are pretty well balanced as well. Streaks are too often a problem with slot machines, but this one manages to stay out of the danger zone by keeping things moving along with the disappointment that comes from too long of a cold streak.

In short, Sunken Treasure is a winner of a slot machine that will keep players of all levels wanting to head back down beneath the waves from the first spin. The first time a red gem hit is won, players will find themselves wanting more and sticking with the game of the chance for a little while longer. Offering up a crisp and clean play area, this game will have everyone thinking about setting sail once again.