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Super Market SlotGoing to a super market is NOT my idea of fun, as a mother of three daughters between the ages of fourteen and nine, I get a lot of “Mom, can I have this?” questions. Add into this equation, I am a librarian in an elementary/middle school with over 800 students, I see lots of parents and students along the aisles. What should be a thirty minute shopping trip ends up being HOURS long . . . with checking off my shopping list, using coupons, comparing prices, wrangling my girls into the “correct” aisles, and speaking to all current and former students and parents, I am completely worn out by the time I steer my cart into the check out lane. Then comes the stressing task of emptying the cart on the belt line to be scanned by the cashier. Finally, the WORST of all, paying the overwhelming insurmountable grocery bill. Leaving the super market with a cart full of items needing to be unloaded into the car and then again unloaded at home, restocked into the cabinets and refrigerator and freezer. I was excited about the idea of a “game” for a super market to make this job seem more enjoyable. And who doesn’t love SLOTS!
Looking online for a Super Market Slot game proved to be just as taxing. First, I Googled “super market slot game” which led to over two million and half results. So, I reviewed my search to “supermarket slot game”, this narrowed my results to over nine hundred, twenty-four thousand. Of course, I choose the first result thinking it will be the most relevant and accurate. Worried when the first thing I see is a big button to click to “download” to play this game. I am very concerned about the things I download and terms accepted and so forth. Viruses and bugs on my personal computer are just not what I consider my idea of fun. I choose the option, no download, play now. This link requires an account to be created with an account number and password. Again, worried I would be required to enter a credit card, address, or email, I closed out this option quickly. Who knew playing a slot game would be so difficult? Finally, finding a link for a free supermarket slot game, I get excited, again. Which directs me back to the previous link. . .ARGH!
With much contemplation, I add “free” to the end of my Google search. Oh yay, my new specific search is dwindled down to just one hundred, eighty two thousand results. After clicking several links, I was routed and rerouted to the same sites from my previous searches. Which, of course, required downloads and account set ups. Disappointed, confused, and frustrated I needed a break. This experience was turning out just like a walk in super market. Revising my search to no download required. Are you kidding, me this increased my search results to over eight million! Several links lead me to no results found. Okay, I go ahead, bite the bullet, and register my personal email on my personal computer for an account to try out this game. Oh great, the one I choose does not have a super market slot game.
Finding a different site, I register again, then have to wait on a confirmation email to begin my game. Patience is going to be a plus playing slot games, apparently. After thirty more minutes of trying to find, a real super market slot game worth registering my email for, I am ready to play. This endeavor so far has cost me two hours of my time. The graphics are colorful and eye catching. The screen is only half the size of a computer screen, though. Instructions are difficult to understand, however, this could be due to my personal lack of casino expertise.
Playing for another thirty minutes, I thought I was getting the hang of this game. Bet a little, one cent per bet, but hoping they would not send an email later requesting actual money, spin a little. I could see my money adding up, I had eight cents in the bank. However, I could not understand what was considered a win, I thought it was three items in a row, but then not all items that ended three in a row added money to my bank. Then sometimes, a zigzag line would appear connecting items, and money would appear in my bank. This was totally confusing.
I went for the big one, and bet the max. Go me!! After several rounds of spinning, betting, and spinning again, I went down in my bank to only four cents. I am now ready to give up on this expedition, no money lost and no money gained.