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Surf ParadiseSurf Paradise video slots created by Rival Gaming makes it’s players feel like they are lounging somewhere on a beach as they play. This classic, single payline, three reel video slots game is perfect for the player who doesn’t want all the extra frills in their video slot playing experience. It’s a vacation on a screen.

Play Free Surf Paradise – 1 Payline

Basic Symbols

Players can spin the reel to reveal surfboards in the sand, single, double, or triple bars, two palm trees, or a crashing ocean wave, staying on par with the surfer theme of the game. Not only can players win with three like symbols, but they can also win with certain combinations of the symbols. One surfboard will pay one times the original bet, while two surfboards will pay two times the original bet. A combination of any three of the bar symbols gives players five times the original bet, and a combination of any three waves OR palm trees gives players SIXTY times the original bet!

Special Symbols

Surf Paradise is an extremely classic video slots game, with no frills, as mentioned earlier. With this in mind, the game features no special symbols. Unlike so many other video poker games, there are no wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus symbols, or free spin symbols. The basic symbols are the only symbols throughout the game. The lack of special symbols makes the paytable easier to read, and makes the entire game easier to learn, making it the perfect game for a beginner.

Bets And Winnings

The max bet allowed in Surf Paradise is fifty dollars when playing with two coins, or twenty-five dollars when playing with just one coin. The minimum bet allowed is a mere ten cents with one coin, or twenty cents when playing with two coins. Players can set their stakes at the bottom, left corner of the screen with the big coin icon. Coin sizes range from .10 to 25, and as mentioned above, players can play with one or two coins, depending on their personal preference. The biggest jackpot to be won is two thousand coins, which can be won with the maximum bet of fifty dollars. Each win is calculated by multiplying the number of coins won by coin size, as shown on the paytable.


Surf Paradise video slots has basic, but extremely pleasant, surfer style graphics that all players can enjoy. The reel spins seamlessly every single time in front of a lovely beach background. With a surf shack, and palm trees under a clear blue sky, players can feel like they are on a tropical trip to the beach while they play, especially with the seagull squawking, waves crashing audio. It is like the players can smell that salty beach smell, and feel the warm sand between their toes.

The three reel design does wonders for the cleanliness of the graphics. The screen is completely uncluttered, giving the ability to have large symbols and a large paytable, making the game extremely easy to read and getting rid of any possible confusion. The simple graphics only serve to ADD to the game. Since the game doesn’t have any high demand graphics, it runs smoothly and completely glitch free. There are no unnecessary pauses or freezing for players to deal with.

This video slots game is truly classic, and extremely easy to learn, making it great for new players as well as the seasoned pros. With bets as low as ten cents or as high as fifty dollars, it is affordable for everyone to play. Overall, Surf Paradise is a well designed, easy to play, affordable video slots gaming experience. Players would be hard pressed to find anything to complain about with Surf Paradise.