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Sushi Bar Slot – Betsoft
4.08 (81.54%) 26 votes

Sushi Bar SlotHi, everyone is invited to see what chef Haru is up to. Chef Haru is chopping up his delightful, variety of delicious sushi dishes, using his best knives and special utensils. He’s also busy steeping the smoothest and soothing tea ever. All sushi dishes come with a bottle of complimentary soy sauce and a beautifully decorated oriental fan, for that added oriental touch.

Play Sushi Bar

I Welcome you to the sushi bar. This sushi bar game is very fun to play. I love it very much. It’s very colorful, with creative sushi dishes, to match up on the different columns in the slot game. There is a max bet spin selector, which is located right in front of the chopping counter, which i think is really cool. When clicking on the max bet spin selector, i definitely prefer that you choose the max spin allowed, which is the best option when playing the game. What this does is, it gives you the most credits. That’s what you want.

So, while you visit at the sushi bar. You will then see the words spin. The words spin, is located directly on a golden yellow chair, in the sushi bar, next to the chopping counter. Now when you click on the word spin, something pretty neat happens. The golden yellow chair tilts a little bit. I think that is so cool and very creative. The person that created this awesome and fun game, thought of a unique and fun way to express himself or herself. I love all the graphics and the oriental music. The music is pretty nice and it makes you feel calm. It gives you a relaxing vibe when playing the game.

Also, I think this game is very generous, because right off the bat, the game starts off by giving you a balance of $1000.00, I think that’s really great. They also even give you 1000 credits to use too, which is again, very very generous. Now i like that, when a game gives you credits and money to start with right away, that just makes a game way more fun to play. Now, as your sitting there enjoying the game, and watching chef Haru chop up the sushi, there is also the words select lines, which is directly located on a red pillow, with white polka dots on it. So if you click on this red pillow, you can select the lines that you want to bet on. What i do is, I select all 15 lines, because that way you will be able to win any line combination that comes up.

There is also a neat purple pillow, with white polka dots on it, which has the words bet per line on it. Click on the purple pillow, for how much you want the bet to be. I also chose the max bet which is 125, because you will win the most credits which is 5 credits per line, just by playing the max bet. If you choose the lower bets, you get less credits. I don’t want less credits, i want more credits. And, that is why i always play the max bet.

Now, for the sushi dishes on the other hand. Chef Haru prepares all yummy, delicious, very healthy and colorful sushi dishes. They are all delicious. There is also a very cute bottle of soy sauce, in the game as well. When you get the bottle of soy sauce on one of the rows, it’s a wild symbol. And, they also have a very pretty fan symbol, in the game too. And, when you get this beautiful fan symbol on one of the rows, the fan symbol means a scattered payout. Which means you get 250 credits. Plus, you also get a free spin, with the fan symbol too. This game is super fun and it’s one of my favorites. I am definitely going to give this game a five star, because it’s just so awesome. This sushi slot game, is a great game for the entire family to play.

So take a step into the sushi bar, and have some fun with the sushi slots. You’ll have a fun and relaxing time. Plus, you can enjoy a nice delicious sushi meal with friends and family. Just sit back at one of the gorgeous dining tables, with one of their beautiful decorative fans they have displayed on them, while sipping on some nice hot oriental tea and listening to the enchanting music of the orient.