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Swept Away SlotIf you enjoy a casino slots experience that harkens back to the Las Vegas of old, Swept Away is the perfect casino slots game for you. A classic 3 wheel singe line game, Swept AWay Slots features simplistic gameplay, and a lovely, retro feel to the visuals, this is a game for enjoying some old school excitement. There is no worrying about endless lines, seemingly endless betting combinations, or confusing bonuses. Swept Away Slots is slots as your grandfather played them, and the island theme may just leave you craving a tropical cocktail while you play.

Swept Away Slots is themed around being stranded on a desert island. As you might imagine, symbols on all three wheels fit the theme, and feature a variety of items that just might help you survive for some time on a desert island. As with all classic 3 wheel, single line slot games, Swept Away Slots is played as such. Each reel features the afore mentioned desert island survival items, and winning is determined by which 3 the player ends up with on the primary (and only) line. This is easy gameplay, making Swept Away slots a wonderful introduction for a new slots player.

Most old school, vintage esque slot games have bars as items in the reels, and Swept Away slots is no exception. One small twist, in keeping with the stranded on an island theme, the bars in this game are SOS symbols. Just as a stranded sailor would want to constantly want to broadcast an SOS symbol, the Swept Away slots player should hope to constantly see the SOS symbols. They indicated the largest payouts besides the jackpot in the game, and who doesn’t want to be winning as much as possible? There are several combinations of SOS symbols that can result in winnings, with varying degrees of payout.

Speaking of the jackpot, in this case you always want all three Swept Away logo symbols. The jackpot requirement adds to the charm of the game, once again, instead of complex, story driven game play of more ‘modern’ games, Swept Away slots is just simple, good old fashion fun. If you’re new to slots, or just want something easy and distracting, this will be great gameplay for you. With Swept Away Slots, you can just sit back and enjoy yourself while you play.

While the easy, old fashioned gameplay of Swept AWay slots is certainly the bulk of its appeal, the player can choose to get a bit more involved and potentially up their winnings by choosing how many coins to bet per spin. The player can choose to only bet one coin per spin, but can notably up their winnings if they decide to bet two or three coins on the line. How much more you choose to bet will make a difference in how much is paid out upon winning, with each bet having a different rate of payout. The highest potential payout can come with the 3 coin bet, so as always, if you’re willing to risk more, you can potentially win more. With Swept Away Slots, exponentially so.

Swept Away Slots features another way to get more involved in the gameplay, so if you feel like taking your vintage slots play to the next level, you’ll want to use Swept Away Slot’s ‘Stop Spin’ option. The Stop Spin option lets you select when the 3 spinning wheels stop. This way, you’ll be able to attempt to control the results along the line. You can try for the jackpot consisting of all three Swept Away logos, or go for easier to obtain winning combinations, like the SOS bars or any of the other fun desert island graphics. If the player couples the stop spin option with the betting option, they can have a significant amount of control over their potential winnings.

Swept Away slots is a fun and engaging game, rooted in the origins of slot play. For the discerning slots play, it may seem overly simple. At the end of the day however, Swept Away slots is really what slot play is all about. Easy, but exciting game play, with a delightful visual experience. There are ample opportunities for winnings, modes of upping your potential for payout, and a lovely visual interface coupled with a fun concept. The game does a fantastic job of entertaining the player, and making them feel really engaged with the desert island theme. Overall, Swept Away Slots is the perfect game for new or experienced slots players.