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Tally Ho Slot – RTG
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Tally Ho SlotTally Ho is an adventure in the aristocratic era of England. You will travel to the country estate of some of the wealthiest people in the world, and you will be able to navigate their world while you sip a cup of tea. You have been invited to the house for a wonderful weekend that will feel like you are in an art film set in the English countryside.

The Game Setup

The game is setup to give you the feeling that you are in the country manor. The game itself is simple in its scope. You are playing an old school slot machine that is set against the background of this great house. You may not enjoy modern slot machines because they are too fancy. However, you will be able to play this machine online while still getting the old world experience.


The strategy on this game is fairly simple. You want to make sure that you are looking at how the reels spin when you are playing the game. Most spins are going to take you to predictable places, and you want to make sure that you are paying attention to where all those reels go. You can figure out small patterns that happen in the game, and you can learn how the game leans when you are trying to get it to play well for you. You are not in complete control of the game, but you are in control of the information that you glean from the game as you play it.

The Simplicity

The game is so simple that you need to make sure you are not betting too much on all your reels. You can place very high bets in this game, but betting $100 on a reel is not a good idea unless you are sure that you are going to get a good result. Also, you need to make sure that you spending less money on all your spins when you are getting addicted to the game.

The game is so simple that you want to make sure that you are betting in a savvy many on most of your plays. You will be able to save money on all your bets when you are betting small amounts on all your reels, and you should make sure that you are placing your best in strategic locations.

The Wilds

You can watch the wilds on the game come up and go away, but you will figure out about where they are going to show up. When you have an idea of what the game is going to do, your small bets are going to make you much more money. Also, you need to make sure that you are only betting on reels that you think are going to give you results. The results that you get from the game are going to be shown in your winnings. If you play the game regularly, you will get a good feel for the game so that you can use that knowledge to win more money.

Bonus Spins

When you are playing the game, you need to make sure that you are trying to get as many bonus spins as you can. These bonus spins are going to help you extend your game so that you can make more money. You will discover that the game be prolonged for many hours if you want to, but you need to make sure that the bonus spins keep coming. If you are playing for the bonus spins, you will always have more fun.

You can play this game for fee or for cash, and you get to play it for as long as you like. You simply need to make sure that you follow the strategy listed here. The right strategy is going to make it easy for you to make a lot of money playing these slots.