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Tarot Treasure SlotTarot Treasure Slots has 5 rows that are called reels that spin around and then can land in different combinations and decide if you have won and if so how much. There are 25 different patterns that pay bonuses for this game. There are wild cards that will help you win big winning payouts, and there are opportunities to play free games that will pay three times the bonus payouts. There are cards called scatters which are scattered in no particular pattern, rhyme or reason that just show up randomly and help you win coins. You can win bonuses when you spin and land on them, and a big winning jackpot that is worth 10,000 coins.
With this slot machine, you first start out by picking how much you want to bet on each spin. You can pick an amount ranging from one penny to ten dollars. You can bet any amount in between those two amounts and you will be betting 25 times the amount you pick. For instance, if you pick a penny, you would be betting twenty five cents.
When playing a slot machine, it is smart to look at the pay table chart to see how this particular machine pays out because they are all different. That way you understand how the betting works and how much you can win. When reading the outcome of your spin, you always want to read the spin from left to right. When spinning, the highest paying card is called the Gypsy’s Wagon. This will pay off with the 10,000 coin jackpot. You must get all five symbols to land together in a line that is active and will pay off. There are eleven different symbols in this slot game. Three of the symbols will pay out when you only have two of the symbols. The other symbols require that you have a combination of three or more of the symbols to win. There are a lot of combinations that can come up to win. If you want to play for a long period of time, you can also program the game to play each spin or game the way you want it to play. It will play that way every time.
It is pretty easy to know that since the Gypsy’s Wagon is a big winning symbol, that the Gypsy would be an important wild card-symbol. Even though this card does not actually get you the win, it can lead you to the winning Tarot game, especially if you spin and get three of the Gypsys in the three middle rows and you can still win prizes from the scatter symbol cards as well. This card or symbol is also considered the all-knowing everything card or symbol. When this happens, you then go into the bonus round when the slot machine loads six winning Tarot cards. You then pick three winning cards that will then tell you what all you have won. These winnings will multiply by how much you originally bet. The wild card Gypsy symbol, only comes up on the second, third and fourth reel. This card replaces all cards except the scatter cards.
There are various scatter symbols that will win you money if they appear when you spin, but one of the better scatter symbols is the Wheel. It can appear anywhere, in any place in the game. It is one of the symbols that help you win, but you must have at least two of the wheel symbols to win. If you spin and get three or more of the wheels, you win free games. You can also win the Tarot card game when you spin and get three or more scattered wheels. When this happens, you win ten triple pay free games and there is no limit to how many times you can win.
How much you win is determined by how many symbols are in the pattern and how much you were betting. The more of the winning symbols there are, the more you win. If you spin and get the wheel symbols, it can help you win anywhere from two to one hundred twenty five times whatever you had bet. When playing free games, you also have the chance of winning the Tarot card game. This game won outstanding game for 2011. This is one of my favorite games. There are so many ways to win and multiply your winnings. It is an easy game to understand and an easy game to play. It is just good, clean fun, without being complicated. It is really a lot of fun. I like this much better than most of the slot games I have played, and have won more than I have with any of the other slot machine game.