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Tens Or BetterVideo poker is a pretty popular game. It is something that a lot of people like to wager their money on when they are in the casino. It is not that surprising then that there are more than a few twists on this popular game. “Tens or Better” is one such example of a twist on the popular game that people are jumping to try out.

Play Free Tens Or Better

Tens or Better is played the same way as a regular video poker game except that a winning combination must be at least a pair of tens or better. Lower pairs do not count as a win in this game. In exchange for this concession, players are offered more money on their wins than if they are playing a traditional version of the game. It is a trade off that some players are willing to put up with in order to get a better return on their money.

I personally gave Tens or Better a try and was impressed with how easy the game is to learn how to play. The pay table in particular has been set up in such a way that players can find out how much they are able to win in no time at all. I was not searching all over the machine in order to find out what my winnings were going to be. I could just look at the combination that I had hit and see how much of a payoff it was going to be. This was helpful for me when I was trying to make a decision about what type of risk to take on any given hand.

Tens or Better does put players to the test. It makes it more appealing to go for the longer shot hands that have a higher payoff. It is simply harder to make a pair and win a small return. It is necessary to try to make better hands than that if the player is going to win anything at all. It means that the player has to put some caution to the wind and give it their best effort to actually come up with a win.

Some players find this game to be a little slow and difficult to keep them interested in. They say that it is too slow likely because of the lack of graphics and the like that are found with so many modern slot machine type games. It is something that players simply have to adapt to. Those who like older style slot machine games are likely to find that they like these games pretty well. It is a simplistic game play that you just do not find with the other types of games on the market right now.

Players have to make the decision for themselves about what types of games they want to wager their money on. This is one that I would recommend so as to take some chances in a more straightforward way.

Most of the machines that offer video poker will allow players to switch over to the Tens or Better if that is the game that they want to play. Always check the machine to see what game it is set on to begin with and change it over to the one that you would really like to play. I would recommend giving the tens or better version of this game for those who haven’t tried it yet.

Video poker has to be set up to have the cards randomly dealt out. You are not going to be at as much of a disadvantage as you would be if you were just to play a slot machine. You can learn how to play the game well and actually come up with a profit if you are able to learn how to do this perfectly well. For myself, playing the game for fun was all that I wanted and I found a lot of fun in it.