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The Elf Wars SlotApparently things haven’t been very harmonious on the North Pole lately. Civil War has erupted as elf fights against elf with Santa’s little helpers either staying loyal to jolly old St. Nick, or siding with a rebellious Rudolph. Or at least that’s the setup for the video slot machine ‘The Elf Wars’ made on the Real Time Games Platform and available at online casinos all over the internet. With The Elf Wars you can capture some holiday magic with an epic twist, all the year round! This is a very colorful and entertaining slot machine that’s great for anyone looking to have some Christmas fun and possibly win big. The game play features make it easy for players of any experience level to jump right in and try their luck. So even if this is your very first time checking out video slots, Elf Wars is not one to be intimidated by.

Game-play Basics

The Elf Wars is a 5 reel video slot machine with up to 50 pay lines, so anybody with even a remote understanding of video slots should be able to jump right in. Even if you are a newbie to any kind of slot machine, the magic of electronic video slots is that you can just set your bet and number of winning pay lines and the computer takes care of everything else. There is even an auto play so you don’t have to even hit the spin button every time. The number of winning pay lines can be adjusted anywhere from 1 to 50, and by changing your minimum bet The Elf Wars can be customized from a penny slot all the way up to a high roller status. The default is a $1.00 bet with all 50 pay lines, but if you like things a little more simplified and low stakes you can set it with only one pay line like a traditional slot machine. Of course, this will give you less overall chances to win. Like many machines, The Elf Wars utilizes wild and scatter symbols that increase your chances of winning, so be om the lookout for the animated good elf, bad elf, Rudolph, and Santa symbols.

Bonus Rounds

The Elf Wars gives you the chance to play bonus games that in turn let you try to win free spins. While some slots require a mixture of luck and skill to get these games, Elf Wars has a guaranteed play once every 150 spins. The way it works is that with every spin the chance of unlocking one of the bonus games goes up incrementally. When you reach the 150th spin the percentage is at 100% and you will be guaranteed to win. Players can take their chances before then, say at 50%, but the counter will reset whether you succeed or not. There are four bonus games: Rudolph’s Revenge, Rudolph’s Rampage, Santa Strikes Back, and Jackpot Spins. Every one of these games has its own unique rules that are explained when they run. The trick with guaranteed play is that you can still try to get bonus play more frequently. These bonus games are not always slot based and sometimes require some matching or identification skills, which gives a fun break from the spinning reels of a video slot machine.

Where To Play

The Elf Wars is available all over the internet at nearly any casino that features the Real Time Games Platform. To get a feel for this particular machine, many sites even offer a practice mode with ‘pretend money’, and even when you are ready to start playing for keeps, most places offer an upfront no deposit credit to get you started. Whether it’s the holiday season and you’re looking for a great seasonal video slot machine, you’re just looking to generate a little Christmas Magic any time of year, or you just like the idea of Elves going to war while you play video slots, The Elf Wars will provide a great theme for your play. This game is actually part of an ongoing series of Christmas themed machines with a military twist, so if you’ve played any of the other games in that series The Elf Wars will certainly appeal to you.