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The Exterminator Slot – Betsoft
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The Exterminator SlotIf you’re a fan of slots and are looking for a fun one, look no further than the Exterminator. This 5 column slot machine has a simple premise, a simple man looking to rid of a pesky raccoon that has been terrorizing him. The veteran slot players can go in and change settings such as the type of coin used, number of lines, and how much they would like to bet. However the amateur player does not need to fear as they can just jump in and play right off the bat! There is even a fun autoplay feature where you can set how many spins you would like, the type of coin you use, and the amount you would like to bet and the program will automatically spin for you while you sit back and watch the slots roll.

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The most appealing aspect, in my opinion, is the visual representation of the game. The game itself is fantastic to look at. The characters that appear on the screen are of very high quality and look that they have come straight out of a children’s animation movie. The colors themselves are very vibrant and make the game very pleasant to look at. As you play the characters tend to run around the screen and interact with one another, but it is not distracting and adds an extra level of fun to this already good slot game.

Initially I took this game for a five minute spin as to get a good feel for the mechanics of the program as a whole, so I could develop some first impressions and write them down for you. I will have to say though, I was immediately drawn into the game and before I knew it, I had been playing for around 30 minutes and had not even realized how much time had passed. As you can imagine, this game left a good first impression on me I’m willing to bet that you’ll have a great time with it as well from the moment you open the game. While the game does well as a slot machine, it also does well in the small mini-game it provides after certain events in your slot machine play. The mini-game game provided has the title character looking for the raccoon next to a cabin. Pick the spot where the raccoon is hiding and you will be awarded with more credits and a fun cutscene of the raccoon and the exterminator interacting.

Showing this game to my grandmother and then showing my five year old nephew as well, I can tell you that they both had the same amount of fun with it. My grandmother, of course, appreciated the slot machine aspect of the game, complimenting how easy it was for her to just open up the program and get going. My five year old nephew, on the other hand, absolutely loved watching the visuals of the game from the raccoon running around the side of the slot machine screen, to the exterminator grunting in distress trying to pick up that pesky critter. At the same time both my grandmother and my five year old nephew were able to easily open the program and navigate around it by themselves without any help from my part, which I think is another important aspect to having a good slot game.

To finish off this review, I believe the young and the old, the experienced and inexperienced, can appreciate this game one in the same. It a greatly executed twist on the traditional slot machine, providing hours of fun and an easy way to get your slot machine fill. The game is easy to navigate while still giving experienced players the options to customize the number of lines they bet against and the type of coins they are playing with. You get your Las Vegas style gameplay wrapped in a fun package that you can access on your home computer at any time from the comfort of your own home. This game was an absolute pleasure to play around with and I can tell you that I will definitely be saving this game to play at my own leisure at home. I highly recommend that after this last sentence you pick this game up and experience it for yourself and I guarantee you that you will not regret a second of it.