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The Ghouls SlotThe basic appeal of slot machines is often enhanced when the game embodies a particular theme. One of the most enjoyable and memorable times of year is Halloween, and The Ghouls slot machine is one of those that draws inspiration from the special holiday. The game involves the typical match more than three symbols play common in this particular game of chance, and adding in ghouls and goblins helps the unit jump out of the crowd.

The Ghouls is a five reel slot with up to twenty active paylines, which means the action is fast and furious regardless of the betting level. With free spins and bonus games available, the game takes advantage of all the aspects that go into a top notch slot. This is one machine that is built to be played and enjoyed year round, and not just the Halloween months.

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What to Like

The interesting tile selection includes haunted houses, mummies, monsters, gravestones, and more. The holiday tie in is held to the highest degree, but instead of opting for the photorealistic scary versions, the game goes with cartoonish icons that enhance the fun aspect of slots. The vampire is used as the scatter icon and unlocks the free spin game with three or more on a line. Three scattered gravestone icons unlocks the extra bonus game where wins really add up, and five haunted houses awards winners the ultimate slot machine prize of the progressive jackpot.

The tombstone bonus game is a neat little touch variation that transports players to graveyard where they must select various stones to reveal additional prizes. Immersive, innovative, and fun, the bonus game provides an additional layer of entertainment to what is already an entertaining machine. Still, the selection feature never seems to get old.

The player interface is also themed around the haunted house aspect. The characters and animation are put together in an entertaining manner with sound effects that emphasize the nature of the game. Many times seasonal or themed games are over engineered to the point where they are simply dominated by the inspiration, but this game manages to strike a nice balance between being a slot machine and being inspired from a certain holiday.

What Not to Like

The appeal of the game has a lot to do with the Halloween theme, and while it is an asset at certain times of the year, it is a liability at others. Classifying The Ghouls as a seasonal game is a bit unfair, but with the characters and bonus games all tied to a haunted theme, it is a bit difficult to not pigeon hole this slot machine as a game that can be played at certain times of the year.

As a game that features, free spins, a bonus round, and a progressive jackpot, The Ghouls has a lot going on. That being said, getting the unit to hit can be a total exercise in patience. While that is pretty much expected in the realm of one arm bandits, getting players to stick around for the bonus features or free spins is pretty much the job of the colorful characters. While they succeed for the most part, even the most well-designed machines gets stale after a few hours.

The bonus game in the graveyard is fun at first, but adding another level or two would have put the game over the top as far as success is concerned. Everything is great as it is, but it could have been just that much better by taking players a little further into the world of ghosts and goblins.

Overall Impression

The bottom line on The Ghouls is that the fun characters and enjoyable nature of Halloween aims to take players to a different world. The great visuals paired with interesting sound effects come together with clever use of three dimensional animations to produce a great slot machine. In short, this is a machine that can provide serious entertainment value. However, that entertainment value just might be limited to a certain time of year. It just might skew into the “too much of a good thing” area, but it is a lot of fun getting to that point.

The inclusion of free spins, a bonus game, and the chance of winning a progressive jackpot are all important aspects of a successful slot machine. In choosing to include all of these features, The Ghouls could have quickly spiraled out of control to be something of a mess; however, the play area, navigation, and actual gameplay are all inspired, thought out, and presented perfectly.