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The Last King Of Egypt SlotOnline casino games have become quite popular. Along with the influx of people enjoying online casino games for the convenience of not having the responsibility of driving long distances to get to the nearest legal gambling house are those who have chosen their favorite online casino theme to provide them with the excitement that can only come from playing a casino style game.

Long gone are the days when casino slot games were just represented by the Liberty Bell, diamonds, hearts, spades, and other common symbols. Playing the slots has evolved from the days when the grand prize was ten nickels to now a day the possibility of winning thousands of dollars.
There is a popular slot game online which uses the theme of a King, The Last king of Egypt. The last King of Egypt is still alive and well in Switzerland. Egypt had a long line of reigning Kings that did not end until the mid-nineteen fifties when Egypt was declared a republic.

It only makes since to honor such a rich history. The Last King Of Egypt, the machine slot game does so by having symbols of those times represented. One of those symbols is the Chariot, during ancient Egypt’s most notable times; this was the only way to travel. The chariot was a two wheeled light weight means of transportation. It was drawn by strong horses that allowed two people to stand while riding. It was a superb weapon used by the military of those times to fight. One person steered the vehicle, while the other person used bows and arrows against the enemy. This was carried out around 1700 BCE up until around 500 BCE according to scholars. The chariot was also used for entertainment purposes in the Olympic Games and Circuses of the time. In the slot game the chariot is used as one of the eleven symbols for combination wins. The King is the wild symbol in the slot game, and the monument is the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol is the monument. (in this case one of the most recognized of all standing monuments in the world, the Sphinx.) If you are lucky enough to have two monuments appear you can get a scatter. A straight five monuments appear and your winnings will increase 100 times. Ten free spins can be obtained for three or four scatter symbols showing up in the spin. The game does allow for the free spins to be re-triggered.

The game has a certain appeal, especially for those who cherish the legacy of Ancient Egypt and its rich heritage and culture. The King is of course the highest pay out symbol. Landing five Egyptian Kings on the selected pay line will give the player a 9000 coin top jackpot. The Egyptian king is the wild symbol as well as a 3x multiplier. The Egyptian Queen is of course the second highest payout symbol and she pays out up to 1000 coins.

Another one of the highlights of playing the Last King Of Egypt is the possibility of landing on the scarab beetle, in ancient times the scarab represented Khepera, which simply means “coming forth”. Thus this symbol was associated with one of the ancient Gods named Atum. It was believed that the beetle carried a sun property described as pushing the sun along the sky, just like the beetle rolled dung across the land. Many ancient Egyptians wore amulets that depicted the Scarab, jewels were created with this bug that adorned Kings and Queens, for political reasons and made out of gold and other precious metals. Heart scarabs were placed on ancient mummies during burials for protection.
The King Of Egypt slot game has coin values of $.01 cent, .05, .25, .50, $ 1.00, $2.00, $5.00, and $10.00. There is a 25 pay line that can be played up to 1 coin per line per spin.
The other symbols live in the game are the numbers ten and nine, and the letter J. All symbols will pay out left to right except for the sphinx, the monument, which is the scatter symbol. They all pay out according to the pay table. The game also allows for an auto play mode that will select the number of spins ranging from ; 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500 with a different number of seconds between each spin ( .25, .50, 1, 1.5, or 2) when chosen. There are three options for stopping, when the jackpot is won, when all of the spins are finished, or if the win equals or exceeds a certain amount depicted on the rules, or if the credits increase or decrease by a certain amount. Explore the past and your chance to win by playing the Last King of Egypt online casino game.