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The Slotfather SlotThe Godfather has become an all-time classic, and it’s a known fact that it has become one of the most quotable movies of all times – but have you ever wanted to be in the movie yourself? With the lifestyle proving to be desirable due to the fact that it’s so different than anything we’d ever get to do in real life, you’ll get the opportunity to try your hand at making some cash and making some deals by trying your chance at The Slotfather, which is an online, 5 reel and 30 line slot machine game that’s theme is, you guessed it, The Godfather.

Play The Slotfather

The Slotfather takes an interesting and outgoing spin on the famous movie and the era that showed the Mafia lifestyle in a whole new light. The game features a handful of characters and allows you to meet and get to know them as the game proceeds. Play the game right and you’ll get the honor of meeting the one and only, Slotfather.

The Slotfather is an online slot machine game that’s being put out by Betsoft gaming, which is a well-known gaming company that’s known for its slot games that are not only original in themes and game play, but by also giving their gamers a stunning and cinematic experience that makes it a time unlike any other, which is why they keep coming back for more, creating loyal slot players. The Slotfather is one of the most popular online slot games due to how amusing the dialogue is, by how amazing the 3D graphics are, and how truly interactive that the game proves to be by involving the player and making it one of the most immerse gaming experiences yet.

It has amazing features such as 30 pay lines, free spins, and a pick ’em bonus game that puts you into the mafia era unlike any other game out there. Starting by showing off some Slotfather icons, you’re expected to help the Father advance his business and get his name out into the world, expanding and putting his slot game into other businesses. You will be rewarded for every business that you get his slot game in, and will get your rewards by spending some quality time with the Father at an Italian restaurant!

So, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the most important question: how do you play the game? It’s not difficult, and has five main buttons that control the game play of the game. If you get to know these now, you won’t have a hard time later on. The first is spin, which is just as simple as spinning the reels. Select lines are next, which is where you just press to change the number of pay lines. You’ll have a max bet, where you will select all your current spins and pay lines at the current coin value that you’re at, and choose your bet level. Your bet per line, where you pick how much cash you’ll be betting per line. The last is to choose coin bet, where you can simply just press to change your coin denomination, ranging from five cents to a dollar. If you pick a certain casino to play The Slotfather at, you can try your hand at betting and playing with real money.

Once you get a hang of how to play it, you can start learning the ropes and your way around the game. There is an Instant Win feature that will only be triggered when you see a money-stuffed suitcase symbol that will be seen on either side of the Sammy “Quickfingers” symbol either on lines one through three. If you click this, Mr. Quickfingers comes to life and will dig his paws into the suitcase, rewarding you with any money that he can grab, and advancing your credits. You’ll also have the ability to get more credits by seeing an Underboss “Scatter” symbol. If you get three, 50 credits. For each additional symbol, your credit earnings will be doubled.

So to recap what we’ve covered, by playing The Slotfather you will be able to delve into the Godfather series, coming equipped with mobsters and the fun of organized crime in this favorite online slot game. With interest and hilarious dialogue, intriguing characters that can help you advance your cash and your credit, and quality sounds and graphics that will pull you into the gameplay, there’s not much for you to go wrong with when you open up this game for the first time.