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The Three Stooges® II SlotThe Three Stooges rightfully hold their place among the most iconic of all legendary comedians of Hollywood’s Golden Age. The comedy troop debuted in the late 1920’s and maintained their popularity in various lineup incarnations on the stage, in the movies, and on television. Their popularity remains intact to this day and their old short subjects appear regularly on cable television throughout the world.

It is no surprise the images of Moe, Larry, and Curly have been tapped to serve as a theme for a slot machine. People love The Three Stooges. The characters make people laugh and feel good. The presence of the laughable lugs on a slot machine leads many to feel more comfortable with playing.

Whenever you see the Stooges, you know you are in for a good time.

Okay, nostalgia aside, is The Three Stooges II slot machine devised by Real Time Gaming software really worth playing? It is and long-time fans of slot gaming will be pleased at all the chances the virtual machine offers for winning.

Basic, Bare-Bones, and Fun

Just like the old comedy shorts were pretty basic in their presentation, the slot machine featuring The Three Stooges keeps things pretty streamlined. Players can access three reels along with three paylines. A critical point here is the paylines are fixed. You cannot reduce your wager on them. Specifically, the minimum amount you can bet is 0.30 coins and the max is 3.00.

Clearly, this is not a slot machine offering high-stakes wagers. For someone who just wants to have some fun and take a chance at winning a little bit of money, the second entry in The Three Stooges Slot series delivers on these expectations just fine.

Hitting and Eye-Poking the Jackpot

Do not assume the whimsy of the game means there is no chance of winning a big payout. The Three Stooges II slot does feature a progressive jackpot. If the lucky combination comes up, then you may be stunned to see a huge number of coins credited to your account.

No, this is not a slot game that promotes itself as offering a chance to win millions. What the game does offer is loyal fans of the comedy trio the possibility of hitting a growing jackpot.

Free Spins and Other Bonuses

When the right combinations come up on the spin, players can access a generous amount of free spins. The more free spins you accumulate, the greater the potential there is to win a solid payout. Who knows? You might just win the big jackpot thanks to a free spin.

Then again, when certain combos turn up, you are not only looking at free spins. You could win big-time bonuses that deliver huge payouts.

The free-spin and bonus Stooge combos to wish for the most is called “Moe’s Moolah”. All you have to get is three images of Moe across a reel and a series of great payouts are presented. The low end features ten free spins and a three-times multiplier. The big payoff presents 100 free spins and a ten-times multiplier.

Although not as generous as “Moe’s Moolah”, “Larry’s Stash” and “Curly’s Cashola” provide a nice amount of free spins and multipliers.

Graphics and Design

Are you seeking out a faithful homage to the legendary comedians that does them justice? The Three Stooges II crafts a fantastic landscape for the three saps that carefully weaves their images into the more familiar backdrop of a slot machine platform. Classic still photos of the three icons along with the famous Three Stooges logo are prominently featured. Old slot machines staples such as lemons, cherries, and bars are here, too.

The clarity of the slot platform is excellent. Players are not going to be confused over what they see on their computer or mobile device screen. All the images are revealed in an aesthetically pleasing manner that never detracts from the ability to understand what the spins yield.

Final Words

In the spirit of the game, let’s keep things simple. The Three Stooges II slot machine is a lot of fun to play. Stooge and slot fans will enjoy it.