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TheScore Inc Makes Forays Into Online Gambling
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Online gambling in the United States is set to take off in the next few years. That is the opinion of a few Canadian companies that have been making forays into the market. The first company to do so was Amaya Gaming. They bought Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars, two popular online sites, in a bid to increase their profile in the United States. TheScore Inc is the second company to attempt partnership with online casinos and gambling sites.

Sports Scores and Betting –

TheScore Inc is taking a different approach to the situation. They do not want to be an online bookie. Instead, they want their sports app to partner with online betting sites in a bid to reach a wider range of customers. With applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry, TheScore Inc is one of the premier sports score services on the internet.

In the same way that Facebook allows “buy now” buttons next to product features on their apps, TheScore Inc would offer a “bet now” feature on their scoreboards. For example, a user may want to check the latest NFL scores. By clicking on their team’s game, they would get an instant recap of the play. In addition, the “bet now” button would allow them to play an in play bet on various aspects of the game.

The owner of TheScore Inc believes his company could bring in $50 to $100 million a year in added revenue if online gambling is legalized in more U.S. states. “We believe that offering gambling options as a part of our sports app is the way forward. People who check sports scores often want to bet on sports, and our app would offer convenience along with a great service,” he said.

It is said that illegal gambling sites bring in more than $500 BILLION a year from United States players. That is a huge field waiting to be exploited by legitimate companies.

Steps in the Right Direction –

There are steps being taken by United States sports organizations to support betting. The NBA’s commissioner recently supported the idea of legalized betting on NBA games. The commissioner believes both state governments and the NBA would benefit.

The state of New Jersey has also passed a law allowing casinos and horse racing tracks to take sports bets from customers.

Momentum For Online Casinos and Gambling Sites –

Despite the struggles of a few land casinos in Atlantic City, analysts are confident that online casinos will succeed in the United States. Online Poker, card games, slots, bingo and sports gambling are the services most American gamblers would like to see. For companies such as TheScore, the potential legalization of sports betting opens up a world of opportunities.

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