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Three Wishes SlotLet me start by saying I love the name of this game. Who at sometime in their childhood and even adulthood hasn’t wished there were real genies. Or wishing they stumbled upon a magic lamp. So let’s jump on your magic carpet and begin your journey through the Middle East. With magic carpets, genies, monkeys, princesses, jewels and the very Aladdin like music you begin to really enjoy the game. The music is very fitting to the genre of the game. I found some pros and cons to the game.

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The pros I found were: I love having a wild card. The magic carpet being your wild card, helps you feel like your chances of winning are increased. Three Wishes also gives you the chance to score several different ways in bonus rounds. Within a few spins I had already hit the monkey bonus round. In this bonus round I received four different squares to choose to from. They in circled the lucky, cute monkey. In my bonus round I was able to use two of the four squares, this allowing me to score an additional one hundred and eighty tokens. The second bonus round is the treasure chest bonus round. I never received this bonus in my time playing. If you have three or more treasure chest it triggers a free spin feature. With this bonus you can receive up to ten free spins! Who wouldn’t live to receive that! The last bonus round is the genie lamp. If you spin three or more genie lamps this bonus round will begin. On this round you will be allowed to release the genie from his lamp and grant you not three but six wishes. You will then be able to choose from several choices to be awarded your prizes. Who wouldn’t love to be granted some wishes! The game allows you to choose how much you would like to bet with a easy click of the button. The game also clearly outlines what squares you have won on, with gold and flashing purple outlines.

As for the cons I really didn’t find too many cons. The first, I do wish they would have used some brighter colors on the game. Maybe in the background or some of the playing pieces. I know that gold is the theme, but I would have liked to see some more colors to keep it interesting. Even maybe throw some more jewels in different colors to mix it up some. One of the other things for me is, how many play lines there are. Although this does seem to increase your winning chances, it is confusing. Even with a very detailed pay table I still had a few issues understanding why I lost when I did. There were a few times I wasn’t even really sure why I had one. I do wish the music was a little bit louder and lasted somewhat longer into the spin. By the time the wheels started spinning the music was already finishing up. Myself I am one that enjoys the music, although I know some that turn the music completely off. Beside those few things I really enjoyed the game.

For myself, I have always loved slot machines. Although there were a few things I may have changed or added to the game, I truly enjoyed it. Three Wishes allowed me to set down and play quite awhile before taking the majority of my tokens. I would win a little then loose a little. Throwing in a bonus round now and then, it provides hours of entertainment for the player. I look forward to coming back to play Three Wishes again. I am hoping to hit the genie lamp bonus round this next time around!

I would recommend this game to any skill level slot machine player. I would recommend looking over the payout schedule before beginning play. This allows you to know which line combinations they do payout on. With thirty different options this can be slightly confusing. For a beginner level player, I would recommend lowering your bet amount to a minimum until you get the hang of the game some. Besides that begin your play. Loose yourself a little in the game and daydream of finding that magic genie and getting your free wishes. Who doesn’t love that idea!