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Tiki Lounge SlotIf you love spending some time at the beach, then Tiki Lounge Slot is a perfect creation for you. It offers you some room to embrace an awesome feeling considering the game is made with a Hawaiian theme. You will get to enjoy sunbathing as you relax with your cozy flip flops and Hawaiian shirt. Well, there is one thing about this game that you will get to enjoy. It is created to offer room for not only experienced players but can also accommodate novices who are willing to learn a thing about online slots. It is worth trying because you will at no point contemplate closing the window. This is not a game that keeps you cursing because everything is designed with perfection to eliminate unnecessary flaws and complicated procedures. According to most experienced players, it is one of the best they can vouch for in the world of online slots.


Tiki Lounge Slot is composed of five reels and 25 paylines thereby offering you a progressive option that will always hold you on your PC waiting to move on to the next step. You are exposed to an awesome environment as you are able to retrigger free spins, not forgetting the bonuses you are bound to embrace in this game. Meet the lucky girl, who will act as free spin activator while Tiki idol will enable you to access the scatter feature. Moreover, you may note that bets will range from $0.01 to $250.00 in every game, something that offers you motivation to get to the next level and to even play more games.

Bonus features

The wild symbol appears as the Lucky girl symbol and shows up on the first and fifth reels only. It performs by substituting all other symbols with the scatter symbol the only exception in that effect. The benefit you will get from the lucky girl is that she can activate free spins once she appears on reels one and five.


For players who would like to proceed with all steps without having to grope for the right button, Tiki Lounge Slot is ideal for you. Its interface is created to ensure no confusion may bar you from attaining your target or completing the mission as you would like. All the buttons that are meant to help in the execution of various duties are placed strategically for the player to have easy time playing the game. You may also note that the colors used in the game are directly related to the theme and match well with the steps involved while playing the game. You will not strain your eyes unnecessarily because the designer considered perfect selection of colors while making the game.

Another aspect that makes this game ideal is the choice of sounds. Unlike some games, Tiki Lounge Slot is designed with sounds that are a perfect match with the game and you will not face disruptions that may discourage you from proceeding. Rather, the sounds produced in the game will keep you encouraged to keep playing even better. Learning the game for new players is an easy procedure because of the fact that its buttons are easily visible and all symbols are not hard to understand. It is also important to note that experienced players have expressed love for the game due to the argument that it offers one some room for relaxation as you enjoy the feeling that prevails at the beach.


The game is easy if you have the basics that can guide you through. One advantage players are able to embrace is the presence of different modes of the game. There is one mode where you are able to access the game at no payment and on the other side; you can play the game for money where you will be able to win big depending on your skills and efforts. This is unlike some games that may only allow you to play for money and hence a discouragement to new players who may need to embrace the basics of the game.

For well established players who have gained sufficient experience in the game, you can play for money to earn something at the comfort of your home not forgetting the enjoyment derived from the game itself. It is however recommended that new players to embrace the free mode before making a decision to play for money. This is meant to equip them with skills that can guarantee an easy navigation while playing online for money. Getting to this arena without any experience can offer you a challenge if you want to play for money, but after some little practice, you will be able to get through undaunted.


Tiki Lounge Slot is designed perfectly to ensure ease in navigation not forgetting the fact that you have the opportunity to win big. It can be rated as an awesome game that will accommodate both novice players as well as experienced ones who might be looking for a new challenge.