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Travel BugTravel Bug is a virtual slot machine that offers players the unique opportunity to ‘travel’ the world while testing their luck! After setting a bet, and selecting up to 20 potential winning lines, simply click “Spin” and watch images of whimsical traveling bugs spin before your eyes. If at least three pictures are exact matches, a profit can be won.

Play Free Travel Bug – 20 Paylines

There are a few exceptions to winning a profit in this game. The ‘Wild Bug’ icon acts as a match with all other icons except for ‘Scatter Bugs.’ Matching three or more Scatter Bugs earns you 10 free spins instead of one automatic reward. And ‘Passport’ icons trigger a fun “Travel the World” Bonus Round.

A Travel the World Bonus Round is an opportunity to earn ‘passport stamps.’ Matching three passport images causes a Bonus button to appear. Clicking on the Bonus button enables you to travel around the world with the Travel Bug, an animated ladybug ready for adventure. Possible destinations include the U.S.A., Egypt, China, and Peru! There are eight destinations total.

The Travel Bug’s goal is to visit as many destinations as possible, collecting passport stamps along the way to win money. Every airport offers three airlines to choose from. The airlines do not advertise their prices—another game of chance! Select an airline, and they will immediately book the flight and send Travel Bug on his way. You will watch as Travel Bug’s airplane flies across a map to a new destination.

A limited budget is available for purchasing airline tickets. Once the ticket money is spent, Travel Bug’s journey comes to an end and you are returned to the slot machine. Winnings earned by traveling are automatically added to your total profit.

Travel Bug can be played for free, as a fun simulation-casino game, or it can be played with real money for real profit. If the game is not played for real profit, a box may appear in the corner of the screen every few minutes, asking the player if they would like to switch to playing with real cash.

Travel Bug allows players to customize their bet, whether or not actual money is being used. Players choose the type of coin they would like to bet—1, 5, 10, or 25-cent coins. Up to ten coins of the selected type can be added to a bet. Adding winning lines automatically increases a bet, since it increases the odds of winning. Identical icons earn the player a profit if they are connected along one of the pre-selected winning lines.

The maximum bet that can be placed for this slot machine is $50.00, and the minimum is $0.01. There is also a “Bet Max” button for convenience. An “Auto” button is available to those playing for real cash earnings. This slot machine features 5 reels filled with fun icons. Winning icons are animated, and the word “winner” appears beneath each matching picture.

Clicking “View Paytable” allows players to access a detailed description of point distribution for this game. For instance, each bug icon offers a unique number of points, and points vary depending on how many coins are bet. Playing for free can allow players to get a good feel for the game; playing with real money can allow for exciting winnings!

The odds of a spin resulting in matching bug icons is greater than the odds of a spin resulting in a Travel the World Bonus Round. The hope of winning a Bonus Round is one aspect that makes this game so much fun to play.

Travel Bug features animations, sounds, and music that plays on loop, keeping players entertained. The game is very user-friendly, offering clearly marked buttons, and additional instructions during Bonus Rounds. A no-download version is available for play online. Users of all experience levels will find this game easy and enjoyable.