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Treasure Room Slot – Betsoft
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Treasure Room SlotOkay, this game was rather cool. It’s especially cool to look at. It’s another game that is brought to you by BetSoft. The really cool thing about this game is it’s in 3D.

Now let me break this part down for you guys. I’m going to be honest here. When you compare the effects to some of the other 3D games on the market, it’s not as big. It’s more or less a basic slots machine game. Don’t fret. There are some pretty cool features, more on this later. This game has enough visual and sound effects to rope itself into the 3D category. Outside of that, it’s pretty ordinary.

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It’s got 20 paylines and only 5 reels. Right here is the one major difference with the other games. In the 3D world, slot machines usually have at least 30 paylines. For those who don’t really pay attention to this sort of thing, you probably won’t notice it. You probably won’t even give it a second thought. For those who pay attention to the payline differential, this might cause some upset. Even if it does, give it a try. You might come to like it.


The major goal is to match at least 3 symbols across the board. They need to be in consecutive order for it to have an impact. Even with this obstacle, Treasure Room gives you something that other games don’t. You can make the matches go from left to right or vise versa. By including both left and right, you will get the chance to maximize your winnings. How many other games give you this advantage? Not many, I assure you.

Another advantage are the coins. You can bet as many as five per line. The coins themselves range from 2 cents to 41. You will have plenty of chances to make something happen in this game.


Let’s move onto one of the more important features, the symbols. You will have about 8 ordinary symbols to work with and try to match. The symbols go from the lower range to the higher range. The lower range symbols include things like an hour glass and a map. The treasure chest is the one you want to get. Having this symbol in your arsenal is the equivalent of striking gold.

Say you have about 5 chests in your arsenal. Depending on your wager, you can earn yourself some major coin. If you have the five, you can earn up to %5,000. One thing needs to be taken into consideration though. If the chests have a wager of $1 on them, the $5,000 will come to you. If you have something else, your winnings will be much less. Either way, it’s still going to add up to something good. Even if you have $.50 on each coin, you can still walk away with $2500. It’s still a good prize.


As I mentioned before, the sound effects and the graphics are a bit on the simple side. Which is okay too. For those who are looking for something more impressive, you might want to go to another game.

If you want to start the Second Screen bonus round, keep on the look out for the calendar icons. If you get 3 in a row, you can start on that round right away.

There are the doors to look out for. The doors also send you good luck. Each door has a gem on the outside and contain something special behind it. If you can get behind each door, the prizes that await you are impressive. I found the prize behind the one front door quite cool.

It also depends on how many calendars you hit too. The more you hit, the bigger the prize will be for you. If you hit 4 icons, it’s going to be more rewarding then just two or three. I say this so people pay attention. I made this mistake the first time I played. I missed out on some major coin.


If you hit 5 chests and play on each, you will enter the jackpot round. More specifically, you will reach the Progressive Jackpot round. With the swords and shield icons, it works much the same way as other icons. The more you hit on an active line, the more prizes you will get.


It’s got a great Progressive bonus round. It might not have anything special, but you will enjoy yourself. This game gives you a chance to up your ante and get some extra winnings under your belt.

Out of all the 3D games, Treasure Room brings something to the table that other BeSoft Games don’t. If you want something plain and something which will give you a chance at real money, this is the one you want.