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Triple 7 Inferno Slot – RTG
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Triple 7 Inferno SlotWith the recent holiday events causing some stress, I decided to grab a cold case of beer and sit back and play at an online casino. I normally break even or lose 50 bucks, so I am just a small time player who loves to have a good time. I am not a hardcore gambler, but do enjoy a game of chance from time to time in order to unwind from a long hard work week of 50 plus hours. Sometimes, this is all I have to look forward to each time I play.

Slots are my game of choice so I sat down on my laptop and figured I would relax for a few hours and have a few drinks. With the in-laws at home, any time away from them is well worth the money spent. Anyway, I lost a few bucks on the first slot I played, but then one caught my eye. I had a gut feeling this would be a winner. It was the Triple 7 Inferno slot machine that caught my eye with its flame graphics and large possible jackpots. What do I have to lose?

The best part about the Triple 7 Inferno is its’ simplicity. It is a old school single line with no complex multiple spins or other crazy things. I like my slots to be simple, fun and every now and then win a bit to keep me coming back next month. This machine fit all of my needs so I was willing to at least take a few spins to see if it was my night or not.

In this game, you can bet 1 – 3 units, and the more you bet the higher the winnings obviously. With such a small difference, I normally always play the maximum number of units per spin. This helps you get the best payout possible. The slot machine just looks cool and is not overly complex and confusing like some of the newer models out there today.

After about 20 minutes of playing the Triple 7 Inferno I was even, but then it happened. I hit a winner. Not big for some, but huge for me. $500 jackpot was all mine. This will pay my car payment for two months and give me some breathing room financially. But that was not my last winnings for the night.

I figured I would keep playing until I was down to $450, then I would take my winnings and be happy. By then, it was already a good night, so I was on top of the world.I decided to play another hour or so to see if it was my lucky night. I did not want to be greedy, but I felt the Triple 7 Inferno was my lucky slot and it was worth a few more spins.

After a few more small wins I was up close to $700 on the night. Should I stop now, or press my luck? I decided to play another hour or so, but it was getting late and I was quite tired. However, I still had that feeling, so I pressed on. A few more spins and I was down to around $645 and was about to call it a night. One more spin, I said to myself, and I hit around $250 bucks on that one to put me up almost $900 on the night. Now, I remember that in the long run I won’t beat the slots, but in this short run I sure did! So I called it a night and had one of the best nights of sleep I have had in probably 5 months.

While I do not play at online casinos that often, when I do I like to have a decent chance of winning. I know I will not win every time, but the next time I go back I will definitely try the Triple 7 Inferno again until my luck runs out on that machine.