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Triple Gold SlotTriple Gold slots is one of those games you are going to become addicted to. I’m just saying that it’s going to happen. It happened to me and I’m not really that much into gaming, unlike some of my other friends.

I came across this game purely by accident and let me tell you something, I got hooked. This three-reel slot game is pure gold, especially for those who are into the retro feel. If you like a traditional vibe to your games, this one is good to try. If you like things that come in threes, then this game is going to be perfect for you.

Now I will be honest. When I first started with this game, I made a ton of mistakes. Many of the mistakes I made were plain old rookie mistakes. Everyone makes these mistakes, so don’t feel bad. If you already have tried and failed with this game, you have most likely found your way home to success. If not, I am here to provide you with some helpful suggestions. Any good review needs to have some helpful tips. This review is not exception.

As part of this review, I wish to first lay down some ground work. This ground work will hopefully help out those who wish to start playing.

1) The game already includes the bars and cherries, things that others games have too. Triple Gold also has the number 7, which is paramount for a good win.

2) The grand dame of all symbols is the Triple Gold symbol. The reason why this is the most important symbol is because it’s the grand multiplier. It can be used as a wild card or as a jackpot. This symbol is vital. If you are on winning streak, you can win up to nine times your original amount. If you have two wilds in a row, this will send your winnings into overdrive. Always be on the lookout for this symbol. If you get even just one Triple Gold symbol, you need to use it accordingly.

Why? Some players I have known have not used it the way they should in the past, and it has cost them. Don’t make this mistake too.

3) All your coins have a marked value. These can range from ten cents to ten dollars.

4) You will not have any bonus rounds or free spins with this game. Sorry. You can still win big though. The trick is to use the wild card, the Triple Gold symbol. Using this can increase your winnings greatly, especially if you only have a small wager down.

Now that I have showed you some of the how the game works with my review, let’s move on to some helpful suggestions on how to win. Any good review will include some tips, and mine is no exception.

The tips

1) No matter what level you are at, when you play your coins always do the maximum. Take that maximum amount and wager it. This will only serve to help you. How? If you hit the jackpot, your payout is going to be huge. Keep this in mind the next time you play. Sometimes you have to bet big to win big.

2) Always keep your eyes peeled on your bank account. Always set your budget accordingly. This is another rookie mistake that so many make. If your bank account is not that big, don’t place a large bet. This might seem pretty self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many do this. Only use what you have and keep the rest saved.

3) Always keep an eye peeled for the symbols. This is so important. The two biggest jackpot amounts are the 3 gold symbols and 3 7 symbols. If you have all seven show up at one time, your payout is going to be huge.


It might seem easy to dismiss this game and see it as a boring old thing. It’s really not. Sometimes you have to look passed the face value, in order to see what is really behind the mask. Triple Gold is no exception.

This might seem like a boring old game to some of you, but I was pleasantly surprised. You can win some big bucks with this thing, you just have to know what you are doing. This game is both simple and complex. If you are just a beginner to the world of online gaming, this is a good game to get involved with. It helps the most novice of players get their feet wet. It’s also perfect for those who have been doing this along time.

You will strike gold with this game, I know I did. If you want something simple and fun to smile about, try Triple Gold.