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Triple-Triple Gold SlotTriple-Triple Gold Slot is an online slot machine game that has a very colorful, bright face to this slot machine game. It has a bright orange, yellow, green, and purple color scheme to keep your attention and make it interesting. This is just like the original game except they added the extra triple to the game to bring the player a much bigger jackpot. Right on the front is the screen, it shows you exactly what you are betting on all three lines and keeps a total of your winnings as you play. As each spin stops, it then updates your numbers so you can see your new total. This game has 3 lines that spin for you to play on. There is only one main line that pays. The difference in the new, updated game, is that there are three times more prizes and three times more chances to double or triple you win.

To me, it does resemble a regular slot machine in the casinos because it has triple of everything. It has the 7’s, the cherry’s, the triple pot of gold and wild cards. You can win up to 81 times what you bet when you spin and get two wild cards. This equals up to fifteen thousand coins, which is a $150,000 jackpot, if you have bet three coins on each individual line and it spins and brings up the 3 Triple Triple Gold icons. The next level of jackpot winnings you can win is one hundred thousand coins, which equals one hundred thousand dollars of jackpot winnings. To win that amount, you have to bet two coins on each individual line, let it spin and get the 3 Triple Triple Gold icons to come up. The third level of winnings is 5,000 or $50,000 dollars of jackpot winnings, if you have bet one coin per line, and you let it spin and the 3 Triple Triple Gold icons comes up. This new and improved game has three times the jackpot of the old game, and the wild cards are worth three times as much as the old game.

You can only bet in certain amounts. You can choose from ten cents, a quarter, fifty cents, a dollar, five dollars, or ten dollars to bet . You can bet the same amount of money on all three lines, or mix it up. You can bet any combination of patterns to win and you must try to get the two lucky wild cards to win the big jackpot of fifteen thousand coins. Of course you can win other amounts of money without getting the two wild cards. You can also win if you get two of the same thing, or even all three.

The wild card is the “Triple-Triple Gold” symbol which is the green, yellow, and orange picture with stacks of gold on it. When you spin and get the wild card that says-“Triple-Triple Gold”, it is worth nine times what you bet, even when you get just one of them. When you spin and get two of the wild cards symbols, you will win nine times what you bet doubled, which is a big eighty-one times what you bet.

This game has also been improved by the changing of the face of the machine. This new machine has a lot more color and detailing than the old machine. There is also extra trim around each line that spins and has floral trim that makes it look fancier than the old game. They have the words bar, double bar and triple bar on the lines as well as the sevens, the cherries, and the three sevens symbols to choose from when the lines spin on each play. There is no auto button to keep you in play, so you must push the button each time to spin.

This slot machine has a much bigger jackpot than most of the slots I have played online. Especially with the multiplier, you have a much larger chance to win big money than is most of the online slot machine games. I liked playing this game and won something on each spin. My winnings just kept getting bigger and bigger There were only a few times that I didn’t win, but overall you definitely win on a more than regular basis. This new game is not only more fun because you win more often, and win more money, but of course, you also have a lot of fun when it play all the music and clinging and clanging of the machine going off when you win. Lights flash and the whole bit, just like when you are at the real casino. It really feels like the true experience at the casinos. It is a lot of fun. You should try it.