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Turkey Time SlotThanksgiving may be over for this year, but there are still plenty of Turkeys on the slot machines. Consider the Turkey Time Slot machine as an example of this. I recently found myself playing this game and was surprised to discover just how fun it was.

Obviously, this game would be the most fun during the Thanksgiving holiday season, but it can be something that is enjoyable no matter what time of year it is. I personally was not playing it exactly during the Thanksgiving season, but I still enjoyed the game play.

When you first sit down in front of this game I would recommend taking a review of the pay table and see what different combinations pay out and in what amounts. There are several ways in which one can win in this game, and I think its a good idea to have an idea as to how to win in this game. Not all games offer as many options to get a player a winning combination, but this one does.

Turkey Time lets me wager up to $30 on a spin, but I do not have to wager more than a penny if I do not want to. It is entirely up to me to decide how much I am going to wager on any given spin. I never felt any pressure to put more money in the machine than I could reasonably afford to lose on a spin. The only thing that I did pay attention to in relation to this was the fact that I needed to play three coins in order to get the ability to play in the bonus game on this machine. If I played less than three coins per spin, I was barred from even having the chance to play in the bonus game. Still this means that even for as little as three cents per spin I could potentially get my shot at the bonus round.

The bonus game on this one is kind of cheesy, but it is also similar to what a lot of other slot machines do. I really could not blame the makers of this one for getting it wrong. They were basically making a game that is similar to what other bonus games slot machines generally feature. There are a bunch of turkeys that will appear on the screen in one of the bonus features. The player is then asked to select the turkey that they would like. The turkey will then reveal a random winning amount. Lucky players can hit a big amount in the bonus game.

As far as the regular game play goes, the game is pretty simple. There is just one payline and the symbols come flying down on three rows. It looks exactly like the old school slot machines from the wild west looked like. It appeals to the players who love the way that the games used to work. It may also be a little off putting to those who prefer the newer machines with all of their bells and whistles. This game lacks the flair that those games have, but it is still a lot of fun.

The symbols on this one are of course all related to turkeys and Thanksgiving. All of the classic examples of things from this particular holiday are featured on the game. You definitely want to see the turkey legs and the like lining up on the payline. Getting to the bonus game of course is the ideal goal, but at least picking up some wins along the way is always nice as well. I was happy to be able to do this myself from time to time.

Turkey time is the perfect game for those who just love the festive atmosphere of Thanksgiving. The food, the pilgrims, and more are all a part of this holiday game. I can’t say that it was my favorite combination ever created for a slot machine game, but it wasn’t bad either. The nice thing was that it was so simple to learn how to use. I did not have a lot of trouble understanding how to play and even how to win after a short time. I would have to say that this was what made the game a fun experience for me.

Other players are bound to find this machine lurking somewhere in the casino. If they are able to find it, it is a good idea to start giving it a few pulls and see if they can get lucky enough to take down some winnings.