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Tycoons Slot – Betsoft
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Tycoons SlotHave you ever felt like winning a large amount of money among the company of the super rich? Now you can do exactly that! The Tycoons slot machine game is a fun game that has a little fun with the lifestyles of the super rich. All of the symbols that are featured in this game relate to things that have to do with the uber wealthy lifestyle. Some would even say that this game is poking fun at the way that the rich live their lives. Others say that it is a way to get players to want to have that kind of life and play the game. Whatever your take is on this particular debate, there is no debating the fun that this game brings to the table for players.

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There are a few great things about this game. For one thing, the spins are quick and rapid on this one. Players will know instantly if they have become a winner on their spin or if they were unlucky. Either way, the player is going to see the reels spinning again rapidly if they enter another bet.

There are 30 paylines that are available in this game along the 5 reels. This is important because it provides players with plenty of opportunities to adjust their bet to just the size that they want to have from it. It is a fun way for players of all bankroll sizes to get their action into the game.

Tycoons features two major bonus game features within the game. The first is a pretty simple picking game. The player who lands a certain combination will be asked to select their “fortune”. They must choose between a stack of cash, a suitcase, or a pile of gold. Whatever the player chooses they will be presented with a certain prize amount. The prize amounts vary wildly, and they are randomly assigned to the three different choices. Therefore, a player must just be lucky in order to get to the promised land on this bonus.

The other bonus game is a little more detailed. This is a game that has the four main characters of the game playing a hand of poker against one another. The slot player is asked to select the player that he believes will win the hand of poker. The longer that the selected player remains in the game, the more the reward is for the slot machine player. Therefore, everyone is hoping to select the player that wins the hand, but as long as the player at least remains in the hand for a while the bonus can be pretty good. This bonus game takes a little longer to play out than the other one, so buckle in for some entertainment.

The coin size that one decides to play in this game can impact how much they are able to win. The smallest coin allowed is $0.02 while the largest is $0.50. The player can bet up to 5 coins per line and play up to all 30 lines at once. The player going for the maximum amount on their bets will be playing for $75 per spin. However, a player could in general play for as little as $0.02 on a spin if they were just playing one line at the smallest coin amount.

Make sure you bring your smuggest attitude and most entitled feelings when you play this game. You will match up perfectly with the characters that are presented if you behave in this manner. They are made to be over the top and a little ridiculous on purpose. This allows them to be even more like how so many people imagine the wealthy behave in their day to day lives. It is something that has made a lot of people laugh and get a little kick out of the game.

Tycoons is similar to most slot machines, but the features that are available improve the game play and make this one of the favored games that is available to the players at the moment. Many have already made the comment that they are not going to bother with other games because of the hold that this game has placed on them. They may well be making a good point. It is a game that is easy to keep spinning and spinning. Hopefully some players will land the wins that they need in order to continue playing and enjoying the game that has captivated so many different people.