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Under the Bed SlotBefore we were all looking for online slot games to occupy our evenings and to replace our sheer boredom, we were once kids that brought our sheets up to our necks in high hopes that they’d protect us from the monsters that we assumed were lurking beneath our bed – just waiting for us to hang a foot off the side so they could drag us under need and terrorize us in the world of the unknown. Under The Bed is an online slot machine game that gives you the feel of Monsters Inc., bringing the real life nightmare of kids everywhere to life in the best way possible. The game puts your childhood fears to rest by showing kind and friendly monsters only there to help, not harm.

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Sometimes it’s difficult just to form some words on how good you see a game, which makes the pain of trying to form coherent sentences to share it’s amazing description all the more difficult.

Under The Bed is an online slot machine game that is brought to us by BetSoft Gaming, which is a company that is one of the top leaders in 3D slot games, bringing us some of the most popular online slot games of all time (over 150 games, to be exact). They have exceptional graphics, themes, story lines, characters and sounds that will turn heads and excite even the most avid gamers of online slot machines. Under The Bed just proves their title and their talent by becoming one of the most captivating gaming experiences that could grace our screen, entertaining us and bringing back some childhood nostalgia all at the same time.

Getting your start on Under The Bed is not difficult in the slightest, using control buttons that are commonly seen throughout the online slots world. Seamless gameplay is offered if and when the special features are loaded within the game. Your controls for the game will be found under the bed, and these are where the reels will be as well.

You will have to start off your betting at $0.02 per line, and a maximum of $0.50 per line when you’re starting off in the Video Slots. There will be a 96.4 percent which is a great return for the slots player. Thanks to this high percentage that is so rare in a game, this means that your payouts will be extremely frequent enough to the point where they can continue to draw new players. If you think of yourself (or know) that you’re a high roller when it comes to the slots, the machine is able to double up your coins up to five times per game. If you get the top prize, you’ll cash in over 100,000 coins, which is fifty-grand you can get in a real money payout. You’ll also have the chance to have a Max Bet Spin. All these will be giving you the utmost of opportunity to earn some real cash and get the most gaming experience out of each game that you play with Under The Bed.

This game has special features such as 30 pay lines, free spins, a gamble feature, a pick em bonus, and a sticky wild. Besides having stunning graphics, music, animation and sound effects, everything within the game makes this one wild ride from start to finish. If you get a combination that wins with any one of the monster chosen (if it has a rim around it), the symbol will be turned over a show you a wild that also has a random number on it. When you look at the number, this will signify how many spins will stay in place. The number of symbols you have will also equal the number of wilds that you get. If you have one symbol, you’ll get one wild and so on.

To recap, Under The Bed is a game that allows you to bet high and be rewarded for your risk taking. It captures the essence and nostalgia of everything we cherished, feared and remember fondly about our childhood and put a twist on it to make it more than enjoyable game play.

Keep in mind that the gambling and online gambling rules are different in each and every state, and this isn’t something that should easily be overlooked. If you’re not sure about what your laws, rules and regulations are when it comes to this, don’t hesitate to look them up and make sure where you stand.