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Under the Sea Slot – Betsoft
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Under the Sea SlotWhen I saw the home page for this game, I thought that it would be similar to something you would find with characters from Finding Nemo. While there are fish and other creatures that look like they could be from any under the sea game, cartoon or movie, the slots game is rather fun. It does take a few minutes to get the game started, and you have to pay attention to the rows as some of the characters look the same.

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The home page of the game is very colorful. There is a playful mermaid with a sunken ship in the background and colorful fish that are smiling. This led me to think that the game would be something fun and cheerful, something that I could play with my children, and it didn’t disappoint. There are two shorter games on the bottom of the screen, or you can play the slots demo. In one of the games, you will pick a chest to reveal points and prizes. When you click Play Demo, you are directed to a screen that has sounds of the ocean. This makes the game more realistic as you can listen to waves and bubbles in the water while you play. It can get very annoying after a while of plying, so I decided to turn off the sounds after a few games. There are bubbles that float on the screen from the bottom to the top. This is another effect that I enjoy watching, but it can be distracting while you are trying to spin.

When you start the game, you are asked to spin or place a bet. You can bet the coins that you want, or you can place a max bet of a set number of coins. The easiest way to play is with the max bet. I didn’t have to worry about how many coins I was betting while playing. If you win any coins, then there is a line drawn from one fish through all of the fish in the winning line. I love the details that are on the game as they are very playful. If there are multiple ways to win, then you will see the lines drawn. The lines are in blue. Sometimes, the lines can be hard to see because they blend in with the characters on the game. There are several fish and other pictures that are on the reels. Each of the fish has a funny smile. The yellow one is my favorite because it looks like it is coming right at the screen. There are also sunken ships in the game.

The balance of how many points you have is at the bottom of the screen, and you can also see the amount of your bet. The max bet is 150. The game shows the credits that you win in one game as well as the amount that each line pays out. There is fun music that is played when you hit the spin button, but I have found that the game does tend to lag after you spin. It would help if it were a little faster so that you can see how many coins you win. If you have a sunken ship in a winning line, then you usually win extra coins. This isn’t a game with big payouts. The most I have ever won by playing is about 600 coins. One of the features that I like is that you can choose a line, and if there are matches on that line, then you win coins. It makes the game a little more challenging. This is something I like to do when I get tired of hitting the max bet button or trying to guess where the winning line will be after a spin. I chose the select line option one time with multiple lines being placed on the screen, so you need to click the option a few times in order for the screen to not be crowded with multiple ways to win. However, this does give you better odds of winning coins. There is an automatic play option where you can set the number of spins that you want, the number of lines and the bet that you want in the game. This is something I do when I have other things I am working on so that I can build the amount of coins I have. Overall, this is a fun game that can pass the time.