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Vampire Vixen SlotVampire Vixen is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot machine game that knows how to put some bite into its competition. While most slot games get its users by reel and pay line sizes, and for even some, their theme, this slot game lacks none of the above when it comes to graphics, game design, plot, and being an all-around good time as all of the things mentioned come together to tie the game into one piece beautifully. Having so many options to choose from when it comes to picking a slot game makes it all the more difficult, and also all the more frustrating. We want something that can keep our attention span at an all-time high and a game that won’t bore us or rip us off, either. And while that can seem exceptionally hard at times, Vampire Vixen slays in a way that was almost unexpected from the moment it gets fired up.

Using a horror theme when it comes to any game, not just slots, can be tricky due to the fact that if the overall theme and tone is not done right, it can end up looking extremely cheesy and not well put together. Luckily, Vampire Vixen does horror right and won’t leave you wanting to play this game when it’s a pitch black room, or any time thunder cracks. Vegas Technology, the creator of the game, knew they had done the graphics and layout of the game exceptionally well, and made sure that they were beautifully crafted and put together, making it obvious that some serious thought went in to designing the game.

The Vixen starts us off as the wild symbol, giving the player a good freight just by glancing at her. Some symbols you will see while playing the game will be things like a blood stained brooch, a vial of blood, a wolf, and the scatter symbol is a thoughtfully designed haunted house with a detailed background and all. The game even has a frightened victim to add to the intensity and horror of the game. Some of the highlights you can see throughout the game is the obvious and ongoing theme of Vampires, the animations and audio and visual intensity of the game, and the fact that you get a free spins bonus round.

The software that is used by Vegas Technology was used perfectly within the game. Besides the auto play feature that we’re able to use within the game, people can also set different times as they play. If you want fast, you can choose fast. If you would rather have a slow speed between spins, you can choose a slower pace that’s easier for you. Ultimately, the design of how the game is played is up to you, and that really gives the power to the player. Audios can be removed and more. The game play is easy, efficient and without comes without many, if any lags, and comes without much hassle as well. Vegas Technology did a great job when putting together the software, and knows exactly what their users are looking for when it comes to online gaming and slots.

When you start out the wagers, you can begin at $0.01 per line, and slowly work your way up to $250 if you’re a high roller. Just like any other game, if your amount per line rises, so do your wages. But like mentioned before, the player controls the game and what happens next is completely up to you. You don’t have to be a high roller to win this game or make some cash, and you don’t really even have to seriously bet at all.

There are some free games that are available when you play Vampire Vixen slots. When you see the haunted house symbol appear three times (or more), there will be a feature that allows you to check out the free games. You don’t get to choose whether or not you look into it more though as it appears on the screen automatically. You can either choose two times the payouts in certain combos, continuous free games, or ten free games. The features of this game are not exactly out of this world different or exciting, but it does have some good things to it as well, not making it a total loss. One big downer to Vampire Vixen is the fact that it does not have a progressive jackpot. The first two fixed jackpots that are featured have reasonable and sizable payouts, unlike the rest which will only offer less than 250 coins. This alone is probably the biggest downfall of the whole game.

If you sink your teeth into this game, expect to have some fun and earn some good money along the way with this eerie twist on slots.