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Vegas Party Slot – WGS
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Vegas Party SlotThe Vegas Party Slot is a very fun game to play. I love to play slot machines and this one was very interesting. First of all the vegas party slot is a Las Vegas game theme that has a twenty five slot pay lines by the Las Vegas technology. The game has a free game feature and it has wins that are tripled. The Las Vegas party slot has a symbol that is wild. If you are lucky enough to match five of the symbols together you can win nine thousand coins.

The nine thousand coins are the top pay and that makes the game fun. I love the sound it makes when I match all five of the symbols. Another thing when you match all five symbols the nine thousand coins are your jack pot. The maximum bet is twenty five coins and you can get a bonus that is a free spin. Free spins makes the game very interesting I like the free spin feature in this game. Free spins also help you out when you are low on money because some times free spins may help you win some money and you can then use that money to help you win more money.

This game also five reels and plus twenty- five pay lines. This too help make the very fun and very interesting. There is also the multiplier making the game interesting as well. This slot game has some very nice graphics. The graphics are very beautiful and they make the game feel like you are really in Las Vegas playing their real slot machines. The twenty five pay lines really are nice to have because it gives you a bigger chance to win.

After the nine thousand coins jack pot the next huge pay out that is under the nine thousand coin jack pot is two hundred time what ever bet you choose which is two thousand and five hundred coins. The next pay out which will be your third pay out is one thousand coins. These pay outs are good and it gives you a lot of ways to win some money.

Another thing is that there is a car symbol that is in the game and when you get three car symbols at the same time you will win fifteen free spins. This is a fun game that will allow you too win a in a variety of ways. The free spins you win are also tripled giving you a huge pay out if you win some money. The free spin feature really help bring this game out and the free spin feature also make it better than the average slot games.

This game really save you a trip to the real Las Vegas. There are many different symbols in this game some of the symbols include the wild symbol, the dice symbol, the car symbol, the cocktail symbol, the vegas party logo symbol, the dice symbol, the ace symbol, the king symbol, the queen symbol, the gentle man symbol, the jack symbol, the ten symbol, and the nine symbol those are all of the symbols in this fun Las Vegas party slot game. Another thing if you get two or more symbols the car horn will blow. If you get a combination of winning symbols that are on the reel a piano will then play. The sounds also make the Las Vegas party slot a fun and interesting game to play.

In order to win a pay out you will need to have at least two matching symbols. The wild symbol plays a major roll in helping you to win. When you get a combination of symbols and a wild then you will win some thing and you can hear the car horn sound or the piano playing. The sound makes the game really fun.

When you are placing your bet it is best if you go the highest you can because you will win a lot of money. Also if you bet the lowest amount you can bet you will win the lowest amount which can be ninety dollars. Although it is not much it is still a nice amount to win and it will stop you from not having any thing at all. Some thing is better than nothing is what I always say. So if you are ever looking for a fun game to play then this is the game for you I highly recommend you give this game a try you will not be disappointed.