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Video Slots Pro

There are hundreds of slot machine apps available for tablets and mobile devices. They all seem to promise fast-action paced games similar to slots found in Las Vegas. A relatively new game is now available on these types of devices.

Video Slots brings the fun of Las Vegas-style video slot machines to your iPhone and iPad. This game is pretty basic, without a lot of bells and whistles that many other apps offer. Most important, it is fun, easy to play, and you can play for a long time.

The game features five wheels and up to 25 lines to bet on. Making your bets and spinning the wheel is easy and the graphics are clear to understand. Players receive a starting bank of coins and receive loyalty bonuses the longer they play. Bonus credits can be purchased for as little at 99 cents (you receive 10,000 credits) or as much $4.99 for 55, 000 credits.

The more you play and win, the faster you can unlock more slot games.

There are two versions of Video Slots. The free version is easy to load and takes little time to figure out how to play. The only real disadvantage to using this application is trying to ignore advertisements that at times are more than a little annoying. These ads display other video slot machine games for the iPad or iPhone. If they get too annoying, downloading a free version costs 99 cents, a small investment to play Video Slots without any unwanted advertisements. The game only can be downloaded from iTunes.

Under the options button you can control music, which is basic typical background noise you would hear at any Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino. There are labels on the buttons of the machine telling the user where to bet, how to raise and lower their wagers and how many lines to bet.

There also is a handy zoom feature that gets you up close and personal with the machine. The sound effects of the wheels spinning sounds like the old “Pong” video game, but there is no doubt when you win: sound effects will let you know. If you don’t have a winning a pull, silence will follow.

The game itself is based on the traditional casino slot machine games where players spin the wheel and hope to get five of a kind. In this game, there is a wild card that has the highest payout. Gold bars have a higher value followed by diamonds, combinations of 7s, cherries and bars. Unlike many of today’s popular slot machine games, there are no free plays offered with bonuses, but since this if the first edition of the app, there is a chance future incarnations of Video Slots will make bonus spins available.

Our app has been designed with two features that set this game apart from others you might see online.

The app has a stats feature that will keep track of wins and losses as well as how much profit you have made, how much you have spent and how much you have lost.

The other feature takes a page out of popular video poker games found in bars throughout Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Players of the game will discover the “gamble” option fun and an exciting way to build up their coin purse.

After pulling the handle and coming up with a winning spin, the user has an option to double or quadruple his or her winnings. You can double your winnings by either selecting black or red. Make the right choice and you’re a winner. Choose poorly and you lose your winnings as well as your original bet.

For the more ambitious gambler, select a suit — diamonds, hearts, clubs or spade. Make the correct guess here, and quadruple your winnings from the spin. Make the wrong choice and you lose your winnings.

With both “gamble” options, you can keep trying to double or quadruple your winnings for as many times as you want. But remember, make a bad decision and you lose it all.

Video Slots is compatible with iPhones and iPads that have IOS 6.0 or higher and the iPod touch. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5. The size of the application is 27.2 MB. The game has been designed for English language use and is Rated 12+ because of “frequent/intense simulated gambling.

Video Slots was developed by Antonis Lazarou, who has been instrumental in designing and developing other video slot technology for mobile use including JackPot Spin, Island Slots and All Action Las Vegas, which allows players from all over the world to join in the fast-paced fun action. Support for Video Slots is available via Lazarou’s website