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Viking Age SlotViking Age is a 3D slot game where you get to experience the theme of Viking life. What I enjoyed about this game is seeing how the developers went all out for the quality. The game uses all types of Vikings including redheads, blondes and brunettes. In addition, I saw themes that were central values to the Vikings: confidence, courage and action. The Vikings fighting their enemies in the game is also amazing. It is an action-packed theme that is rare with most slot games.

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About the Controls

In terms of slot machine mechanics, the controls are intuitive and easy to understand. However, Viking Age does not come with symbols, and that could be a negative for the slot gamers who love the wild symbols. Nevertheless, after see you see what the scatter symbols do, you find that the wild symbols are not necessary for winning. One of the mini games that I found amusing was the Arm Wrestling feature. You pick the strongest of two vikings and guess who will win through coin flipping. The rewards are gigantic when you guess right.

Graphic-wise, I thought they were cutting edge, and I found the sound to be fast paced and action based. The sound gets extraordinarily intense, but after a while, your ears may have had enough of it. In this case, simply turn off the sound, which is easily found in the upper left-hand corner. The cinematic animation ensures that you will have an exciting play experience, no matter how many times you play.

Why This Game?

The idea of eating and drinking heavily, fighting to the death with opponents, pillaging and arm wrestling sounds like a great time. Alongside pirates and superheroes, vikings fascinate much of the world. That is why Betsoft decided to create Viking Age. This five-reel, 30 payline game will entertain players for hours on end.

What does Betsoft do differently? Most games depict the Vikings very seriously; however, Viking Age does not share that similarity. Instead, the game presents this proud people in a playful and comical manner. These Vikings are not as concerned with discovering new worlds. They enjoy eating, drinking and dancing. In addition, if you happen to win the jackpot prize, you could live as lavishly as the vikings.

Playing Viking Age

Before starting, the first thing you decide on is how much you will put on the line. The bets range from $.02 to as high as $75. I enjoyed the numerous bonus features of this game. The first is the Runestone Bonus. When players get three red helmets together, it triggers a game where you select an ancient symbol to win a random prize. While playing, three cut pig-tailed ladies could give you multiplier free spins. If this happens, you could win a random number of free spins that received benefit from the multiplier.

The Characters

Vikings Erik, Amma and Elgrim embark on a quest and encounter various challenges. The story is about two strong Viking soldiers who have been employed and a spunky redheaded girl who participates in the game. She cheers for you and commands the other two big guys about what to do for the special features. When the free spins round occurs, the two big vikings will reveal the multiplier reels. Despite the generosity of it, the feature fluctuates, and you could find you are losing more often.

What to Understand

When playing, keep in mind that reducing the number of coins and keeping the maximum number of lines will give you better chances of winning. I found this strategy helpful because I was not winning at all at first.

The Symbols of Viking Age

Viking Age uses symbols that are similar to the Viking’s mythological life and culture. Aside from a Viking hero, red haired Viking girl, other symbols include: an axe, a ship, a flag, a rune stone, an old Viking captain and treasure. If you get the arm wrestling symbol, a bonus symbol, it will trigger the arm wrestling feature.

Overall, I was very impressed with Viking Age and thought Betsoft did a great job. People who are fans of Vikings should love this game. The highest payout for the real money version is $3,750. The game does not offer an auto play option, which could irritate some players, but the interface allows for a MaxBet button that is convenient for the high rollers. While the bonuses do increase your odds of winning, the game does not give out bonuses easily.