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Viking’s Voyage Slot – RTG
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Viking's Voyage SlotSlot machines have to have a certain amount of appeal and quality to be fun to play, and Viking’s Voyage is one slot that glides gently into that category. Viking’s Voyage is a five reel machine with twenty active paylines, which makes for a lot of fun and a ton of variation. Of course, the presence of a progressive jackpot adds to the entertainment value in a major way. Colorful and inventive, the game appeals to players of all experience levels and offers up something different with every sitting, which is important in this particular type of entertainment.


Despite the number of active paylines, the minimum bets can still be rather low. The basic fundamentals of slot machine play applies to this one as well, but the scatter and wild symbols really create a fun environment. Plus with twenty paylines, the opportunities of winning the all-important free spins is amplified. There is no feeling in the world like hitting the free spins, and when the longboat, which is the scatter icon, appears during the free spins, frozen reels can really add to the winning total.
Since wins are multiplied during the free spins, and even more so with additional scatter hits, the wins can add up quickly and often. The wild symbols, which are Vikings, enhance the gameplay by offering up great chances to get those five line matches for the really big hits, and slots are all about the big hits.


The audio during the game is above average to say the least, but not necessarily ear splittingly loud. It is pretty clear a lot of work went into the various subtle sounds that are present in the game, and that hard work pays off with an immersive environment that really draws players in. The additional sound effects are well thought out, and apply to the game perfectly, which makes them a special treat.

The visual part of the game is pretty exciting. The play area is laid out nicely, and players can easily see the cash won, money available, current bet, and more importantly what symbols appeared on which line. With twenty paying lines, the game could have crammed everything together tightly making it difficult to see, but since the developers took some time to plot things out, the entire visual experience is well done. The color scheme could have gotten out of hand on a five reel machine, but instead of splashing different bright colors or using ones that are too similar, the game features a well-balanced palette selection.

In addition, the icons themselves have a distinct look and feel to them. Instead of going for ultra-realistic or high-end cartoons, the symbols have a great look that falls somewhere in the middle. That being said, they are easy to differentiate from each other, and yet still relate well to the overall theme of the game. Plus, winning lines are clearly and distinctly marked, and that is a major asset to any game of chance.

Overall Experience

With an easy to see gaming area, smartly thought out user interface, and great sound effects, Viking’s Voyage is a lot of fun to play. The progressive jackpot is tough to win, as it should be, and while hot and cold streaks are expected on slots, the game can not be considered tight or loose. It offers enough wins to keep on spinning and does not seem to discourage players in any way. Players of every experience level will easily enjoy coming back to this one, because it will surely become an old favorite.

In the end, Viking’s Voyage offers up a solid performance and great entertainment value without being intimidating. Using the nautical themes of the rough and rugged Vikings to get the attention of players makes this a terrific addition to any playing collection or hobby. The historical aspect of the characters makes them fun to interact with, and the presence of some great free spin and scatter features makes the features more accessible to players by not being too rare. The low minimum bet and high possible payouts are what gets players to flock to games, and Viking’s Voyage gets pretty much everything right without being an easy win. In short, this is a great slot machine that everyone can enjoy for hours at a time.