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Watch the BirdieWatch the Birdie is a slot machine game with five reels and an adorable bird theme. Playful music sets the mood for fun as the player makes bets and tests their luck on the reels. The game features images of birds set against a foliage backdrop. Chirping birds are heard as occasional sound effects. The theme comes to life as you play the game.

Play Free Watch the Birdie – 15 Paylines

Players get to choose how many coins to bet, as well as the type of coin (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, or half-dollars). A maximum of five coins can be bet at once. Winning lines can also be added to the game. Winning lines show various ways in which images can match up to win money. The more lines are selected, the higher the odds are of winning. However, adding winning lines also raises the bet.

Bets range from a high of $37.50 to a low of $0.01. Maximums bids can be placed by clicking the “Max Bid” button. Players betting with real money can also click the “Auto” button and the computer will automatically place bets for them.

When a spin yields three or more matching images, the player wins. The more matching images appear after a spin, the higher the earnings are for that turn. Each image varies in the amount of points it’s worth. Clicking the “View Pay Table” button will pull up detailed information showing what each image is worth. Most images on the reels depict birds of various styles and colors. There are nine birds total, including a dark purple toucan and a lime green cockatiel.

In addition to birds, the reels have other pictures too. Matching three or more birdhouses can earn maximum winnings, called the ‘jack pot.’ Egg images, called ‘wild cards,’ hatch open and expand vertically to fill an entire column. These wild cards can act as matches with all other images except bird watchers. Egg images appear only on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. They do not need to appear on an active playline in order to expand.

Bird watcher images are called ‘scatters.’ If a spin yields three or more images of bird watchers, a Bonus button appears. Simply clicking this button will start the special “Watch the Birdie” Bonus Round!

Bonus Rounds are side-games that offer unique opportunities to win extra cash. This is another game of chance. To play, you must click on eggs to hatch them. Your goal is to hatch five baby birds, one of each type. If you hatch the “Bonus Bird of Happiness” egg, this special bird will replace all of the hatched eggs with new ones, and give you more chances to win! You can discover the “Bonus Bird of Happiness” multiple times in one turn. You only have a certain number of tries to win, and when you run out the game ends.

As the Bonus game ends, your newly earned points are added on to your total. You are also returned to regular gameplay on the slot machine. The chance of a spin landing on matching bird watcher images is less than the chance of a spin landing on birds or other images.

Find the Birdie can be played for free, which does not require the player to create a registered account, download content, or make a cash deposit. Players can switch to using real cash at any time, if they so choose. Players who place bets using real cash win real cash rewards!

Watch the Birdie is easy to play. Buttons are clearly labeled, and additional information about winning is presented in the “Pay Table” feature. If players are uncertain which images caused them to win, all they need to do is look for the squares highlighting the winning images. No experience is necessary for enjoying this game!