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Whats Your Sign SlotI immediately loved how colorful and brilliant the face of the slot machine face was and really like the layout. I loved the overall look of the slot machine game. It has great colorful pictures of all twelve of the signs of the zodiac. This game has five lines of play that spins and then goes into a pattern; it also has 9 lines that pay. This gives you a chance to win with 52 different types of combinations that you can win from. To read the screen of the spin to see what you have gotten, it is like all slot games in that you read it from the left side of the slot machine to right side of the slot machine.

The game starts out with twelve different lines that are symbolized with animated versions of all twelve zodiac signs that are lit up and flashing. As they spin around the slot machine, you choose when you want to stop the spinning of the lines and which sign of the zodiac you want to choose. Each separate zodiac sign will win you a different prize. You must try to pick which one you think will win you the biggest prize and try to stop it on that sign. With each spin of the wheel, you are gambling as to whether you will get a higher prize or a lower one. You can choose to accept the prize you win or gamble and waive that prize and spin the slot machine again. If you choose to waive that prize and spin again and you get a lower prize, then your spinning is over. Every time you spin, you run the chance of the prize going higher or lower.

You have the choice to gamble from one cent up to ten dollars and anywhere in between. You can change your bet at any time. You can change your bet every time you spin or every couple of spins or whenever you want. The grand jackpot is 10,000 coins. There are over 50 winning combinations that can happen when you spin the slot machine. If you get two of the same zodiac symbol, you will increase your winnings by two times your bet. If you get three of the same zodiac sign, your will increase your winnings by 10 times your bet. If you have four of the same zodiac signs, you will increase your winnings by 25 times your bet, and if you get five of the same zodiac sign, you will get 100 times whatever you bet is.

You can spin and win free spins at any time. The wild card is symbolized by a half sun/half moon symbol and there are scatter cards that can pop up at any time in any spin. You can also win with two, three, four, or five half-sun/half-moon paying symbols that will also pay you. If you are lucky enough to get five of these in a row on an active line, you will win the big prize of 10,000 coins. There are also multipliers that can double, triple, or more what you bet on the spin. You also only win if your spin lands on a line that is enabled, if it is not on an enabled line, there is no prize won.

The bonus card is a color wheel. You have to spin and get three color wheels in a row at one time and they must appear only in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th line. This will get you into the bonus game if it appears on a line that is activated and you will win a prize. Once you get into the bonus game, you have up to three chances to spin and see what you will win. You cannot lose your winnings in the bonus game. The game will add whatever you won to your total from the original slot machine games. If you do not want to have to decide what to bet each time you spin, there is an auto play button you can use. You can set it for as many spins as you want and to bet any amount as often as you want. It will automatically keep on playing for you. All you have to do is pick the amount of lines that you want to bet on, and then set it to Auto Play.

One of the most interesting things about this slot game is how different it is from a lot of slot games I have played. I liked the originality of the horoscope theme. It does not use the traditional pictures of the regular horoscope, but a more animated version of the signs. I think it does make it more interesting and playful. The bright, bold colors definitely help get your attention and add to the fun element of the slot game.