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White Rhino SlotEven though the White Rhino Slot was only released in 2011, it has already managed to capture the attention and imagination of plenty of players. These players like the game because of the exciting elements that it offers to them. This is to say that they love the fact that the game has plenty of bonuses to offer as well as standard game play that is second to none. There are few reasons for anyone to consider playing anything else after they get their hands on this game.

As you may have guessed, the White Rhino game is based on various safari animals such as the White Rhino. It is a five reel game that features some of the symbols that all people know and love. These are symbols that are related to the safari and the imagery that so many of us have in relation to the safari. Examples include the cheetah symbol, a safari hat wearing man, a camera, and more. These symbols are lined up in combinations to try to win the prizes that are available.

The jackpot payout for the White Rhino slot machine game is 10,000 times the original bet. Players can spin anywhere from $0.01 to $5 per spin, so there is an opportunity to win a huge jackpot for players who are willing to put their money on the line and really spin themselves a big winner.

This game features an auto-play feature for players who would like to play many spins in a row. Rather than having to hit the button for each spin, the player can simply set how many spins they would like (up to a certain point) and how much they would like to bet on each spin. When they do this, they are setting up their guaranteed risk and they wait to see what the reward will be. By doing this, players are actually making a great bet for themselves. They know just how much they are going to lose if they get nothing back.

The white rhino symbol is used as a wild symbol and can take the place of other symbols in order to make for a bigger score. This makes a lot of spins into larger wins than they otherwise would have been. This is critical since all players want ever spin that they make to have some potential to be a nice win. Without the wild symbols it would be far more difficult to get to the promised land of some of those bigger payouts that are available.

The scatter symbols in this game are Killimanjaro and the Guide. Players absolutely want to hit as many of these as possible. These symbols multiply winnings on that spin. The more scatter symbols that are hit, the more that the win will pay out as the multiplier grows. This is always an exciting thing to see as a player of this particular slot machine game.

Included in this game is a progressive jackpot. It is always growing, and that is something that players are always hoping to get their hands on. As with any progressive slot, this one could be a potentially huge windfall for the lucky player who is able to get this win. There is no question that having a big win like this would make the day for the player who gets it. Even better than that, they could claim an even larger amount than the in game jackpot if the progressive jackpot is able to climb high enough. Players should keep this in mind as they play this game.

Finally, the White Rhino slot machine game is one that players can get a thrill out of for the bonus games that it offers. It actually has two bonus games that are piled into it. The White Rhino feature while is a free spin feature that has the possibility of getting retriggered is one bonus game. The other is the Killimanjaro feature which freezes the two or more Killimanjaro reels that you have landed on while at the same time respinning the other reels. This makes it possible for players to gain a little more money on their spins where they get at least two Killimanjaro symbols. These bonus games are fun and add to the excitement of the game as a whole.