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Wild Safari Slot – Rival
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Wild SafariThis is a great slot machine game to play. It has a “Safari in Africa” theme and the story is about going on an adventure on an African safari hunt. This game starts out with a front picture frame of brown wood with brush roofing as the background for the game board. There are animal print and leather ties in the corners and the name of the game, “Wild Safari” across the top. There is a pay table on either side on the top of the game. The face of the game is in the middle, with the playing board is full of African safari themed icons.

Play Free Wild Safari – 25 Paylines

The icons are pictures of hunting knives with the leather holder, a plane with the floats on the bottom to land on the water with, flashlights, the background of trees, there is a journal with a pen, binoculars, bug spray, a camera, a map, hunting hat, a safari jacket and a backpack as icons on the board.

There are twenty five pay lines to this game and five reels. Along the bottom of the games are places where you can select how many lines you want to play with, you can select the amount of coins you want to play with, you can go with the maximum bet, there is an “auto” button where you can continue to bet the same thing, and it shows you where you can spin, there is an area on the bottom left that shows you how much you win on each spin, and below it how much you total winnings are and how much you are betting. There is also a plus and minus button where you can increase your bet and it tells you how much you are currently betting on each spin.

When you start out playing for fun, you are given $2000 to start out playing with. This game is in 3D (three dimensional) where the pictures jump out at you and move when you spin and win. There are animals running towards you, jeeps racing down the muddy roads heading right for you with rhinos chasing after them. All the icons do different things when you win.

When you spin and then win, the circles flash and spin while changing colors. The game plays music with the sound of animals in the background, birds chirping and whistling, bongos and drums playing. There is just so much going on visually and sound wise, that it really gets your excitement flowing and you really get involved. The anticipation of the next spin and the waiting for the next big explosion of lights, flash, colors, 3D movement takes you to a whole another level.

The words “wild” light up in yellow and orange and flash when you hit a wild card. The cards continue to flash as you wait for your next spin. When you win, the boxes outline the reels that won and flash and change color. One spin I won and hit the wild card, then suddenly I see a car going up and down the hill towards me with a rhino chasing it them the road lit up with the spin icon flashing and coming towards me with orange and yellow flashing. How cool is that? This machine really has the special effects and sound. Another spin and I win and the knife swings out and waves itself in the wind. The next and the flashlight moves towards you, turns on and moves. The camera also moves forward, the zoom comes out and the camera moves forward and backward. So cool!

When you spin and hit the Bonus round, it gives you the choice of three different trips that you can go and take pictures of animals. You get to choose from the grasslands, the shady rocks, and the watering hole. You only have a certain amount of time in the bonus round, to take as many pictures of animals as possible before your time is up. The maximum jackpot that you can win is 37,500. You can win a maximum bonus jackpot win of 7,500 in the bonus round, so as you can see, you can really come out as winner.

I found this game to be extremely exciting and I like it because it keeps your anticipation going and you have a lot of fun when you win. I love the flashing lights and colors, the music playing and the animal noises. This game has more explosions visually and sound wise than most games and you keep on having fun from beginning to the end.