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Wild Wizards Slot – RTG
3.5 (70%) 2 votes

Wild Wizards SlotThis is a slot machine with both a funny name and some fun game play to go along with it. The Wild Wizards slot machine is a five reel game with 25 paylines to make game play nice and spicy. Players are able to gain a lot of opportunities to cash in a big score on their play by just hitting on some of those paylines. Of course, it is wise for a player that wants to win more often to play as many of those paylines as they possibly can.

Play Wild Wizards

Naturally, Wild Wizards is based on the Medieval idea of wizards. The wizard symbols in this game are dressed in the classic way that one might expect wizards to look like from popular literature. In other words, the symbols for this slot machine match up pretty well with the expectations that we all have for wizards. This kind of theme may appeal to both the history buff as well as the science fiction fan. It seems to try to play into a couple of camps all at once. It is nice when a slot can make a crossover appeal like this to many different types of people. When they do this, they help to generate a larger audience for their product.

The betting choices on this one are designed for the lower stakes player. The range is between one cent and ten cents per line. However, the player may choose to play up to 10 times the coin size on any or all lines. Therefore, a player could actually play as much as a dollar a line for up to 25 lines at a time. This means that players could realistically play up to $25 on a single spin! Even though the game is designed for the lower stakes player, there is an opportunity for those who have a larger bankroll to put more money on the line with each spin.

As the name of the game suggests, the Wizard symbol on this slot machine game is indeed a wild symbol. There are plenty of these wizard symbols that show up in the game, so players should consider this as an opportunity for themselves to try to run up their winning spins. The wizard symbol cannot substitute for symbols that are scatter symbols or ones that would help to get a player to the bonus game. This is just something that the game does not allow for.

Speaking of scatter and bonus game symbols, the owl and the cat are two symbols to look out for. The owl symbol is the scatter symbol for this game and the cat is a symbol that can help produce a bonus game. It all depends upon how many cat symbol one gets as to how many free spins they get out of their bonus game. 3 Cat symbols adds up to 10 free spins while 4 cat symbols grant 15 free spins and 5 cat symbols gives the best outcome at 20 free spins. These felines are a great way for some players to wake up to a nice win on their slot machine play.

For players who are interested in getting a set amount of risk, the auto-play feature is available on this game. A player just sets how many spins they would like to make and how much to bet on those spins. After they have done this, they can just sit back and watch those spins play out. If they are lucky they can land themselves some winning spins and sit back and enjoy the outcome. Not every player likes to use this feature, but some want to do it for the purpose of tracking their play a little bit better. There is no question that it is an easier method than hitting the button every time they want to play the game.

All players must remember that this game has everything that most look for in a slot. There are not too many that offer that many paylines with wild symbols, free spin bonuses, auto-play features, and a theme that is enjoyable. It is the perfect game for the person who just wants to have it all in their slot machine play. This is the best game in the casino for a number of players.