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Wooden Boy Slot – RTG
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Wooden Boy SlotEven though the graphic designer attempted to recreate a Germanic fairy tale art style and the graphics are bright and colorful, the artwork is simplified insomuch as there is only rudimentary shading, which causes the imagery to look flat. While the card symbols were supposed to appear to have been carved from wood, their bright coloration clashes with the rest of the symbols. There are many similarities to Pinocchio, including a fairy, fox, book and whale symbol. The symbols are animated; the animations are smooth and seamless, with no clipping, stray pixels or improper movement.

While the music and sound effects set the mood of the game, they are not particularly exciting. Instead of attempting to offer an audible thrill, they are ambient, atmospheric sounds that are not offensive or jarring in any way. They do compliment the theme of the game; which helps to provide a small measure of immersion. The sound and music does not detract from the game whatsoever; though if it were just a little more exciting, it would add more to the game than it does.

Wooden Boy is a five-reel, twenty-line slot game and as such, most of the game mechanics are what people are accustomed to; there is no reason to alter the formula that a five-reel game plays on, because it works well. What sets the mechanics apart from most other games is that betting starts at a penny and the maximum amount is five dollars per spin. This makes it so the player does not end up using all of their credits or money in a short amount of time.

The fairy symbol is the Scatter symbol and if there are three or more fairies on the screen, the player will win a large sum of credits. The wooden marionette symbol is Wild and it will substitute all symbols other than the fairy. When three or more marionettes appear on the screen, the player is awarded with the free spin bonus; the number of free spins varies depending on how many marionettes appear in the playing field. The Wild symbol is expanding; meaning that it will “grow” until it encompasses three of the reels vertically- and the player will be awarded with credits as though they had triggered several Wild symbols. Getting five Wild symbols on the reels will award an extremely large amount of credits.

In addition, during the free spin bonus game, if the marionette symbol appears, the player will be awarded with a bonus multiplier, which increases the amount of credits that they win during the free spins. The free spin bonus can be re-triggered during the bonus game and once re-triggered, it increases the number of remaining spins. If a player is lucky enough, they can re-trigger the free spins several times in a row.

There is also a random jackpot; what this means is the player can end up winning a large sum of credits if they get the correct symbols -and number of symbols- on their reels. The symbol and number needed are predetermined by the game itself. If the player wins a random jackpot, they will receive their reward at the end of the current turn. The player will not be informed that they have hit the random jackpot until they receive their bonus credits.

This is a game that will appeal to people of all ages, so long as they enjoy fairy tales. The game pays rather well, despite how small the bets are and the random jackpot is a reward that all players will look forward to, as it is not something that most games offer. There are no complicated or strange game mechanics to learn, because the ones utilized are the ones that everyone will be familiar with, which is a good thing. The fact that the bets are low should not detract from the game, because it is not difficult to win decent amounts of credits; more than most people would expect, when betting the maximum allowed amount.