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X Marks The Spot Slot – WGS‏
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X Marks The SpotSlotThe X Marks The Spot Slot game offers a unique spin on the classic slot games that can be found on the Las Vegas Strip. This online slots games is pirate themed and makes use of the symbol X. This symbol represents buried treasure and is a signal that there is gold in a certain location. However in this game the X represents a certain amount of coins that you can win. This game offers awesome life like gambling graphics that will place you right in the middle of the action. For beginners the game may seem a bit complex, but as you gain experience the game play becomes more intuitive.

One of the unique features of this game is the amount of coins that can be won as well as the amount of money that can be bet. X Marks the Spot offers a number of coins that range from one penny to ten dollars. You also have the option of betting on all of the pay lines which helps increase the amount of your potential payout. If you are sure of where the symbols are you have an increased chance of winning even more. This game has nine regular symbols that you should be aware of. The nine symbols in this game are all pirate themes that include a boat, birds and other symbols that are common in pirate movies. The boat acts as a wild symbol that will represent any other playable symbol on the field.

There is a special feature called the cannon which allows you the opportunity to earn free spins on game play. When the cannon completes a winning combination if it lands on any of the reels on the game. When three or more scattered signals are land on any of the reels this activates 15 free spins and also triples your winnings. You can gain additional free spins during this period, but none of the winnings will be multiplied during a free spin. You can check the amount of free spins that you have available at the bottom of the screen. During the free spin all of the control buttons will be turned off as well as the pay line. Once the free spin period is concluded your game will return to normal and all of your winnings will be added to your total winnings.

X Marks The Spot offers an incredible bonus round that can increase your winnings and chances to win. The bonus symbol on the map can trigger bonus round on the first, third and fifth wheel. Once the bonus feature has been activated you will be transported to the bonus round area. If the bonus symbols falls upon a certain number of pay lines then your bonuses will be multiplied by the same number of pay lines in the bonus round. Upon arriving at the Bonus round area you can choose between three treasure maps for you to search through. This option offers an unique visual effect that is not common with most online slots.

In the Bonus round your digger will have to choose the right spots to find a prizes with X’s on them. Once you have completed all of the treasure maps you will be offered a decision to either keep your winnings or trade it in for a key. If you choose the key option then you may or may not receive a bigger, better prize. However, if you decide to keep your winnings then it will be added to your total winnings and redirect you to the main screen. Another important facet of the Bonus Round is the prizes will be higher if you choose to play with a higher coin value. Simply put the bigger the risk, the bigger the rewards in the Bonus round. Bonus rounds guarantee prizes and your chances of winning will increase significantly if you play with all twenty pay lines.

If Bonus rounds and Free Spin rounds sound to good to be true, then the Auto play feature available will really blow your socks off. The game offers an auto play feature allows you to create higher payout winning combinations. With the Auto play feature you can not only win from a regular spin but also with a scatter win. This will allow you to win from both spins and increase your winnings significantly. All you will have to do is select the coin amount you want to play with as well as the number of pay lines. Then you just have to click the Auto play button and the computer will play for you. This is a great tip for beginners who would like to see how the game is played. There is even an option to play as an guest player to see how the game is played without losing any money.