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Zombie Poker for Iphone & Ipad
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Zombie Poker

Zombie Poker Extravaganza’s developer, Slots US Org, is the Frankenstein of mobile gaming – they’ve taken the FIVE hottest gaming trends and sewn them together, making the most unique poker app that ever hit small screen. Even better, its awesome design is just icing over the top of a great game. Zombie Poker Extravaganza is built on fast, smooth gameplay that’s so addictive it’s illegal in seven countries (we forget which ones).

So what are these trends that make Zombie Poker Extravaganza so appealing? We probably needn’t mention the first, but we will anyway. Poker. This classically cool casino game exploded into popular culture with such force that the gaming industry is still trying to catch its breath and figure out what to do with it. As a result, we get bulky, online-only, PC-built flash games that take days to load and force players to register new accounts before they can even play the game.

Which brings us to trend number two: Zombie Poker Extravaganza’s built-for-mobile design. The mobile game industry is booming, and there are two distinct types of games vying for downloads. On one hand, there are those ported games we just mentioned. These games were designed to be played on personal computers, not mobile devices. That means they have to be converted to run on devices their creators never planned for, and players are left with bloated games running clunky interfaces with half the features of the originals.

Zombie Poker Extravaganza hasn’t been ported, it’s been designed to run quickly and cleanly on virtually any mobile device. Spend ten seconds with this game’s interface and you’ll see what we mean. Ten seconds is all it takes, its mobile optimization makes it so incredibly easy to navigate that there’s no learning curve involved. You won’t have to wait on any load times after you press those buttons, either. This game is designed to run at lightning speed on any mobile, so each and every action occurs in an instant.

So we’ve got one of the world’s most popular card games running on programming that’s made specifically for mobile applications, but there’s even more to Zombie Poker Extravaganza. Zombies! Did you know that zombies made their feature film debut back in 1932? That’s right, they’ve been shuffling their way into mainstream media for over 80 years. They’re more popular today than ever before. From movies to television shows and now, that’s right, to video games. They come back year after year in search of brains and, now, winning poker hands.

Zombie Poker Extravaganza puts its own trendy twist the zombie theme by fusing it with another breakout trend in the gaming industry. Retro graphics harken back to the classics that are now legends in the world of video games, and even younger gamers who weren’t around for the originals are finding new appreciation for the unique visual styles of the era. From the zombie imagery to the patterned backgrounds, the look and feel of this game is perfectly balanced with its contemporary interface to create a truly original poker experience.

There’s only one more way to improve a game like this, and Slots US Org does it with the fifth and final trend incorporated in Zombie Poker Extravaganza. It’s one word, and it makes all the difference in the app store: Free. Zombie Poker Extravaganza is completely, 100% free to download and play. Free-to-play (F2P) games are a staple of today’s gaming industry, making up a large percentage of the most downloaded games in the world. It’s easy to see how this trend caught on, and it means YOU can download Zombie Poker Extravaganza now and play within minutes without paying a a nickel, a penny, or a piece of dryer lint!

Slots US Org gets it right with Zombie Poker Extravaganza, and a glance at the company’s portfolio will show you why. They’ve embraced mainstream gaming by devoting themselves to creations that throw all the way back to the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, while keeping up with the types of gameplay that today’s players want to experience. It’s an epic combination that’s epitomized by Zombie Poker Extravaganza, and they’re all available for free.

Let’s go over this one more time. We’ve got a zombie-themed poker game with a retro ‘80s design that’s optimized for mobiles and completely free to download and play. You can buy more coins in-game any time you want, and it’s all the product of a developer that specializes in the kinds of games that absolutely everyone wants to play. What’s not to like? Download it free and give it a try, but take our advice and clear your schedule first. You’ll be spending all weekend on this one.